In my own quest to have a great Facebook Fan page for Chris Moncus Photography I've been looking for tips, guides, and other help out there. If you guys run into any great tips, please post them here to help us all.

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Not sure if you have your website through or not...but they have fantastic tips on their blog on tips for utilizing Facebook fan pages for self-promotion etc.
Thanks for passing that on. I'll look.
We have added some great facebook tips in this Discussion on the Koyal Wholesale fan page:
Engage by Brian Solis is a fabulous & inspiring book about the changing face of marketing & the importance of social marketing to build your business! It's slam full of a lot of great advice!

I had trouble finding out how to custom name my page. This information might help someone...

First, you need 25 fans. After that, just visit this link and click on "How can I secure usernames for my Pages?". From there you should be...

One thing I wish that I knew, is if it's possible to send a message or post something on another's page from your Page, rather than from your personal profile. Has anyone been able to do this?

Hi Tracie,


If you go to page admin (from your company FB page) and click on insights it will take you to the insights admin page.  From there, on the top right hand corner, click on "account" and in the drop down you should see something that says "use facebook as page"... click on that... you can switch back to using your profile as your FB page the same way... hope this helps!

...and just to add.. once you've done this - when you go back to the main view of your page you can click on 'edit page' at the top right.. on the left column under 'your settings' you can choose how you want to manage your posting preferences.. :)


I don't know if anybody has already posted this info... check this website; how to design & program a Facebook landing page for your business

Have fun!


Since I had lots of folks asking me social media questions, I created my own fan page on the subject and I even create custom fan pages in addition to designing wedding invitations. :)


So, I'm always posting things I've learned and tips that I find on my page at:

Great tip Tracie!  I've been looking for that one for quite sometime!  Now I regret using my site name for my friend page, but I will make do. 


I'm still trying to tackle the use of my company page.  I have emailed facebook countless times that I am in fact the representative for my business, but can't get access to it.  I would love to hear ideas about that one.


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