Can you recommend (for the budget-conscious) a hotel for a wedding?

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I don't know about a specific hotel that would be good but hotels in Miami are very seasonal. You can get great rates if it's an off-peak time of year (fall/winter).
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We have decided to keep our wedding in Maryland. We are well into our 30s with kids, so we have to spend wisely. May you prosper in 2010.
I have a lot of venues in the central florida area that are willing to negotiate rates. Have you thought about central Florida??

i dont have an idea

It's hard to have a budget wedding at a hotel, because they strictly use their own catering options and I don't think they let you bring hardly anything from outside. Have you considered getting a place similar to a hotel vibe, but that you can maybe negotiate with a little bit more? These places have more privacy as well so that's really nice. There is a venue called The Douglas Entrance in Coral Gables that is really beautiful, but there are also more on this list that you could look at for ideas. 

If you decide you definitely want the hotel then I would say the best option would be to choose an off season date, and perhaps even go with a Friday, or a lunch reception. These are options that drastically cut your costs and help keep within your budget. Also keeping your guest list down really helps. Ultimately when planning on a budget you decide what your most important detail is (dress, venue, etc) and maybe compromise a little on the others!


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