I own the Winthrop Estate, a luxury wedding site & destination wedding site in the Berkshires (Lenox, MA).

I'd love to know what the community thinks of destination weddings.

Do you like the personal away from city experience over the hotel wedding?

How is the recession affecting your decision on where to get married?

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I am a destination wedding and honeymoon specialist. I have to say, when I begin working with a bride who is still deciding between a "hometown" wedding (or nearby) as opposed to a "destination wedding" the deciding factors are that destination weddings, on average, can save you an upward of $15,000 - $20,000, may cut down your guest list, and adds a unique and gorgeous backdrop for your special day!
What did she end up deciding?

(If she's still in the deciding phase, pass along this post: http://winthropestateblog.com/?p=140 - talks about the advantages)
Personally, I love destination weddings. I had one! We invited our guests to join us on a cruise, then disembarked on Grand Cayman for the big event. We had a lovely intimate wedding, fewer costs and the most relaxing time actually visiting with our guests. You can see pictures on my profile. We got married again for the hometown crowd in an equally small guest list. Being able to hang out for seven nights with your guests brings new meaning to the term 'wedding party'.

Of course, it all takes coordination so I advise brides (and maybe planners, too) to brush up on your negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
My event planning company specializes in destination events. I have always enjoyed scouting out a new place and creating an event. There is something to be said about the new and undiscovered. I believe that destination events are off the beaten path. Although the elements are mainly the same the unconventional non-traditional atmosphere sets the scene for a unique individualized experience. I feel as though my favorite experiences have to do with destination planning.


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