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Hi there Brides!

Are you looking for a shower gift for your lovely lady friends? I have a great gift that I'd love to be able to suggest as a favor.

About the gift:

Name of Book: The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101
Surefire Ways to Make Friends with
Your Mother-in-Law!

Name of Gift: The Daughter-in-Law Rules
Value: $9.95 (bulk discounts can be arranged)

Whether you're at the beginning of your marriage
or you've spent years trying to make peace with
your mother-in-law, The Daughter-in-Law Rules
provides a revolutionary set of strategies,
making copasetic coexistence possible at last!

My vision is to inspire more harmony among mothers and daughters--in-law around the world by teaching brides and wives the art of making friends with their husband’s mother. The Daughter-in-Law Rules is important for two reasons; one, it helps raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and two, it saves marriages. For more info, please visit:

The book is formatted in an adorable 4x6 trim size - the perfect pocket gift! And chock full of attractive line illustrations, the subtitle now reads: 101 Surefire Ways to Make Friends with Your Mother-in-Law; a truly positive and upbeat perspective on an oftentimes challenging relationship. It has been received so far, by Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling, Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGenenres, and Jennifer Garner via the BabySwags gifting organization.

Please contact me, for more info.
Thanks so much!


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