I've played several outdoor weddings this summer and have been reminded how very important it is to listen to your potential site before you book it. Most bride's look at the site, but you need to listen. There can be all kinds of noise that is hard to work around. I played for a wedding along the Chicago River this summer and the street noise from Wacker, the trains going in and out of the station and the river tour boats (with the tourists yelling and cheering at us) were constant interruptions to the ceremony. Another wedding at a mansion in Oak Park was right in the flight path for O'Hare International Airport. The airplanes are very noisy at that altitude and each plane that came in made it impossible for the guests to hear what was being said. Remember, your wedding ceremony involves more than just visual elements. You don't want your ceremony to be like a silent movie, you want your guests to be able to share in the details.

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