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Wanted to get some input as to how much the economy has hit the wedding industry. Have you booked more weddings this year than last? Are clients looking for cheaper prices? What's your take?

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Mine are yes.. did ALOT of marketing last year for this year-- alot

I am being flexible and brides seem to appreciate that. I call back ASAP, I send out thank you's I keep it personal and they love it. The Album is not as much as a priority as it was I hvae added prints to my custom packaging. And yes, I custom all my pricing to meet the needs of each client. They like that too. Now is the time to hit hard out there and market when everyone else is playing it safe-- take the risks!!!
I am a client, though my wedding isn't til next July, I AM looking for cheaper prices! Weddings must be on sale right now. With plans to get married and buying a house at the same time, we have to be very creative with our budget. So far, it's been hard to find very flexible vendors.
Hi Sandy,

I 'am here in the San Diego area, if you need some help with any research on particular wedding budget saving cost. I would be available to help in the area of Wedding Planning, or Day of Coordinator, (500-800) Depending on your guest count..

I can help with your flower arrangements if you plan to do them yourself, this might save you bunches... let me know, as well as , I can offer you wholesale prices through Which I'm the San Diego Rep for and can save you addition 10 % on flowers.. That I pass down to my clients.. Just a thought....
Best Regards,
Mickey Long,@
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