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Do you have some advice or tips that you want to add to this group? Let's come up with some topic, some issues ect .. How's the New Year starting off? What are you finding out from your brides? What are they looking for? Talk about your competition! Why are you in this business? What was your biggest struggles when first starting the company? 

I know that there is a lot of vendors out there and surely, you have something to share with us..

Let's get this page rocking...

Hey I'm learning about floral design ... What do you think?

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Here's one....:-)
Hi Naomi,

Thanks for the reply. How is your wedding season starting? How's the blog going? Where are you located in San Diego, I'm in the East County. I hope we can meet some time! Are you exhibiting in the San Diego Bridal Bazaar or Even going? Let me know, I would love it if you would stop by Fiftyflowers booth, and say Hi.

Mickey Long.
Hello Mickey ,
We took quite a beating this winter but the garden is looking beau
tiful and I am booking events for this season .
So far I have 4 confirmed bookings . I am looking for more clients.
I would like to have 10 weddings this summer.
Any clients you can send our way would be greatly appreciated. See our website at .


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