Wedding Confetti - Unique Ideas and Theme "etti"
So you want something unique as wedding confetti and you're not sure what to use. With so many choices, it can be hard for a couple to decide. Here are a few ideas, tips and uses for your special day.

Beach theme? Why not use shredded coconut! It's inexpensive, won't stain clothes and is completely safe for birds and animals.What better way to have a tropical send off?

Lavender buds make for beautiful send off. Fill flower girl baskets with lavender (even use the baskets as part of centerpieces) pass them around to the guest, have them each grab a handful to toss a the newly married couple.

A variation for this idea is to pass out organza bags filled with lavender buds to toss at the couple and whatever is left, send home with the guests. Lavender makes a wonderful drawer sachets or dryer sachets.

Fill buckets with freeze dried roses or a mixture of a different freeze dried roses/ flowers. They make for a elegant toss, stay beautiful and will not stain clothing.

See below for more information.

These petals are colourfast and available in range of beautiful colours and are suitable for a wide range of uses including throwing, scattering or adding to ice sculptures or flower arrangements.

Real petals, which have been freeze dried to remove their moisture, whilst retaining the size, subtle shading and colour of the fresh petal

If you want a petal that retains the subtlety of shading and natural look of a fresh rose petal, then freeze dried ones are for you.

Other methods such as air-drying can result in a rather shrivelled petal, glycerin 'preserved' petals have a rather unnatural look and feel.

As a process, freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from the petals, but the size of the petal is maintained. The feel of the petal is slightly dry but still soft and delicate

A great advantage of being able to use freeze-dried petals of certain flower varieties is that it extends their season.

Particularly good with peonies and some types of Old English garden rose. It means that we can still use preserved petals and also whole flower heads when the growing season is over. (Whole heads make great decorations for cakes, on top or between the layers).

Freeze dried rose petals are perfect for scattering on tables or used to line pathways or aisles.

They are also perfect when used to throw as confetti.

Unlike fresh rose petals these petals won’t wilt or die, and they are available in a wide range of colours

The rose petals come in a variety of single colors and specialty color blends.

Please note that since this is a natural product, colors may vary slightly. Unlike fresh petals, freeze-dried petals will not wilt or stain clothing. Perfect for decorating a wedding aisle or tossing after the ceremony—indoors or out.

Try these other flowers too!

Soft Freeze-Dried Violet Je t'aime Rose Petals Blend

Freeze Dried Violet Peony Petals Blend

Freeze Dried Hydrangea & Assorted Rose Petals

Natural deep purple lilac flowers freeze dried

Bright Orange Lily Blossoms Whole - Natural Flowers

Dried Pink Rose Buttons

Dried Jasmine Flowers

Sunset Celebration Pink and Apricot Rose Petals (natural) Freeze Dried

Eco friendly Confetti

Eco-Friendly Confetti is the perfect Wedding Confetti.

It will not hurt the birds and its not slippery.

There is actually no cleanup worries because it is totally biodegradable and water soluble.

Either hose it away or let nature help with the cleanup.

First time it rains it disappears. Flutters like snow when you throw it.

It is actually from the movie industry. This is what they use for snow in the movies.

Eco friendly Confetti is the new safe and accepted wedding toss with no cleanup worries.

The perfect alternative to rice or birdseed, no slipping or staining, and Eco-Friendly Confetti flutters like snow flakes to the ground.

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