We are all well aware of what the economy has done to our business and especially to the dreams of our brides. Those that have scheduled and now have to cancel because they can't pay or the ones that were eager to sign contracts but now realize they will have be a DIY bride to make things happen. What are some of the innovative and creative ways you have found to help your brides? What are some of the things you have seen them doing to cut corners and still have the wedding of their dreams.

This down economy has impacted our industry severely. We are all giving discounts that we never had to before in order to keep a competitive edge. Offering to change decor or free add-on's that we would have shirked at months ago. Share your experiences, your bride's inginuity, your challenges and how you overcame them. We are one great community striving to achieve the same goal, providing the most memorable day we can for our brides. I would love to hear from you. Please post when you can and let's help each other be the best we can be for our brides.

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I am offering a 25% "Economic Stimulous" discount to make my services more affordable to brides & grooms in today's economy. http://kwgpaintings.blogspot.com/


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