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Recently, I was going NUTS looking for a venue for a very particular client that I have. We must have visited 14 different places until she finally said to me "I want to book the 3rd place we saw." Needless to say I did my job but was still flabbergasted. We spent 1 week going to all these places for her to book the place we saw on the 1st day! When I asked her what captured her about he place, she told me that even though her wedding is in the winter and she is not planning on having guests outside, the venue looked like a year around garden. She felt romantic in it.

I was wondering, what makes a venue stand out to you? Whether its the decor, the food, or just the people that helped you there.

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Our venue by nature of being a historic southern plantation lends itself to a particular decor and style of wedding. That being said we are continually finding ourselves booking more and more diverse weddings. We have recently had a Hindu wedding and a traditional Japanese wedding. Neither of which are the first thing you would think of when touring the estate. We also did a murder mystery themed wedding a few weeks ago which I must say was a big hit and a ton of fun for guests and staff alike. The majority of our feedback from brides is high praise for our wedding director Kathy and the fact that we offer one stop shopping, all of our vendors are under one roof, except the dress of course.

The estate itself is beautiful with beautiful grounds surrounded by 200 year old oak trees. This factor seems to be only a small part of the reasons why brides book with us. I personally can be very struck with the beauty of a venue but the level of customer service and the staff's ability to convey that they are as interested in my big day being a success as I am is ultimately the deciding factor.

I always like to read the reviews from competitors in my area and venues around the country on Wedding Wire to see what it is that brides are saying was the best and worst of the venues they chose. Lots of interesting feedback and useful in helping us to be the best we can be. I am interested in what other's have to say about this as well. Great question!

First, let me say I understand your frustration. Last year I had a similar client- only it was the florist. After 7 florists and lots of proposals later, we wound up with florist number 1. But, as for the venue, that is a tough one. It depends on the bride and the feel of the wedding. Personally, I love museums and gardens. When you walk into a majestic room and can immediately see that couple there, you know it is right. The staff is also important. When I am dealing with an accommodating and friendly staff, it makes for a better experience. I have my favorites here in Philadelphia. But, not every bride fits into every venue. By the way- I would love to see that plantation!!


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