Anyone want to post a couple of tips that you learned the hard way??

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For weddings double check the location, mapquest isn't always right.

Have a check list and use it the night before.

Pack a change of clothes you never know when you may need them.

Always have have backup equipment for everything!
Bring your battery charger. I had to borrow AA's once!

Use more off-camera flash... it really changes the mood (in a good way)
Back up your back ups. SERIOUSLY! Talk about learning the hard way. LOL!
I always take a little case with me that contains things like a Tide stick, safety pins, klenex, double sided tape, eye drops, a sewing kit, black socks (6 pair), lotion, tic tacs and a few odds and ends. It has come in more handy than anything...
I'd add q-tips, hand sanitizer, tylenol/advil and bandaids to this kit. But agreed, these sort of things are always forgotten the day off a wedding and you're a god/goddess in the eyes of your clients when you can save the day.

I also keep a cooler of at least 2 litres of Gatorade and 2 litres of water in my car (helps keep me hydrated and lessen the exhaustion the day after) and shove a bunch of chocolate chip granola bars and fruit to go bars in my camera bag.
Take snacks and water with you :)
Insure your equipment!!
Well I wouldn’t say "the hard way", just experience. During the Reception....Follow the Bride, the others will follow. Keeping the frame in a horizontal gives the Bride/Groom a great look at all there invited guest. I complete the Reception phase still adding about 20% of the Reception vertical

James Trapp
Get your back up equipment out of the church quick smart. Once was taking some quick snaps outside the church when the priest who was in a hurry locked the church with my gear inside and left the premises!
Laura-boy, you aren't kidding about that...just last Saturday, the guests were still in the receiving line and the church turned off all the lights...too funny.
Don't delete the data on your cards until you have reviewed the images...

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