The RIGHT Way to Pop Imperfections

We're all guilty of sitting in a mirror trying to magically erase our blackheads and pimples, etc, etc. And we all don't have the luxury of getting facials before the big day, but there are easy DIY techniques to keep your skin looking healthy in the absence of a professional.


One of my favorite techniques that an aesthetician actually uses during facials is steaming, an important pre-popping step. Not only is it easy to perform on your own, but is extremely relaxing as well. First boil enough water so that a face cloth can be submerged. Once the water has boiled, remove from heat and send a face cloth for a dip. When the cloth has cooled just enough to touch, ring out any excess water. Place the hot cloth over your face, put on some relaxing music, and kick back. Relax with the face cloth over your face for a good ten minutes. I often go for twenty just to make sure the steam has opened my pores, and because an extra ten minutes of relaxation never hurt anyone. For added relaxation add no more than a few drops of an essential oil to the water like, bergamont, chamomile, or lavender.


Now that the steam has opened the pores its time to extract any imperfections on the face. Your pores are extremely vulnerable after steaming so it is important to keep your hands clean while you poke and squeeze your face. Wrap your fingertips with tissue so your nails don't puncture the skin and now begin by squeezing your fingers together and upwards. Listen to your skin! If your not successful in extracting the first time, chances are the imperfection isn't ready to come out. If you use too much force you'll end up with an irritation.


To complete the process apply a toner to remove any excess dirt and grime and then a mask that suits your skin. The mask will tighten up your pores and close them off.


Any other at home tricks to share and exchange??


- Kayla, Wedding Tresses Make-up Artist

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