What do brides look for in a shoe?  What is the current budget for shoes?

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      I think the budget depends on the bride. Some want to save money and some do not need to. I have seen many brides wearing colored shoes... pink, royal blue even lime. They look gorgeous, fun and really trendy !

I think here in the UK we are seeing a rise in demand for crystal encrusted shoes. 


It really depends on budgets like Visage Joli has mentioned below.

You have vibrant colours available, which makes any bride feel like her fairytale is beginning....  

Every bride wants to put her best foot forward in the perfect pair of shoes on her bid day. She also want to have the one in which she feel more comfort and relax. There are some budget issues. It depends on her whether she wants to spend money or she wants to open her heart.

And these days mostly brides are preferring royal blue, pink, white, peach or purple color stiletto heels.

Its been tradition the a bride wears white on her wedding day and white shoes to match.  Now-a-days things are different, anything goes.  You see more and more color on brides.  The traditional white dress has been replaced with Ivory, Champagne or Blush. I think on your wedding day Brides want to look their best so that are not concern how much they spend.  They want to wear the latest trends, sometimes I think comfort isn't even an option. As long as they look good who cares how they feel.  Bridal shoes used to only be worn on your wedding day but I think more and more brides are buying shoes they can wear over and over again.

i dont have special budget for shoes, bcoz i want a long dress.. and people can't see my shoes..

woow... thank you for sharing Crystal Bridal Accessories

now i think, to make a custom shoes for my wedding.


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