I want to collect input from brides doing their own invitations, to offer new brides-to-be a realistic view of what it takes to do your own invitations, so they can make a careful, informed decision.

I'm hoping for some input both from

1) brides who are thrilled with how the invites look (and what it took to get that result) and also from

2) brides who are getting frustrated and wish they had just ordered invitations from a catalog or even just gotten a professional to do it for them.

I'm looking forward to the stories this might evoke on both sides of the spectrum! Those of you who can tell me concretely what it cost you in terms of time, money and emotional energy, let me know if you're willing to trade your valuable insights for a $5 gift card (I'd like to use your insight to improve my website).

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hm, i want thats unique and original.

not just to read and throwed on the trash

Unique is a great word! Who wants to go to all the work of getting an invitation just right so that it shows off who you are as a couple, only to have it tossed aside? I should hope it would be a cherished keepsake!

Are you planning to make your own invitations? I'd love to hear from you! 

If you aren't making your own invitations but want something made for you, I'd love to work something up for you!

Or if you yourself are going to make something unique and original, I'm so curious to hear (in your reply to this post) what obstacles you encounter, and how you feel about your choice when all is said and done. Do you like Starbucks? I've got a $5 gift card in return for your insight on the perils and rewards of Do-It-Yourself invitations. I'm especially curious about how much time you invest, and how many extra expenses come up that you didn't budget for when you first decided to make your own invitations.

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Hi--not still if this is still relevant because it's an older post, but I'm wondering the same thing! Is it worth the effort to make them ourselves, or you think it's worth it to get them professionally done? I'd appreciate the feedback!


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