Brides - what is your wedding style? Example vintage, glam etc

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The wedding theme and style I'e chosen for my wedding, has a tad bit of elegance with vintage glam. I'm a huge fan of The Great Gatsby, but I don't want it to be so in-your-face, so I'm taking the substle approach. This is my inspiration board 

Courtesy of DreamDay Invitations

I'm going with the scalloped peach wedding invitations featured here, adding my own handmade touches after the print, because they are so affordable. I'll be adding the tiniest pearl or faux glass beads onto the base of each scallop. I love ruffles, so the chairs will have the design that is up there! Lots of whimsical flowers with pearl accents, and maybe a white feather, here and there. The groom and his boys will be wearing Italian styled suits, (inspired by White Collar :P) and umm. what am I missing. Oh a photobooth with very 1920s decals and props! :) Oh also a champagne bar like

this -> 

Sorry Im all over the place. So excite :D eeek! I still havent decided on my wedding dress - cos I'm torn between three that I love! Sigh. And no design for my wedding cake or topper, but we know where we want to go for our honeymoon :D 

your board is very beautiful and the dresses which the ladies wore are beautiful...we can also get idea from this.......nice work

Oh, vintage and/or Great Gatsby is just so incredibly elegant!  Love the sound of the peach wedding invitations.

I like vintage - it reminds me of days gone by that nevertheless have retained a certain charm and elegance. It's unabashedly "vintage/retro", but if done right, can look very good. :)

I will go with glam, because i like to look a glamorous girls on my wedding. I wanna be attraction point of my wedding and that can be done only when I make myself glamorous with wearing designer gown and accessories.

I like your beautiful board! Your way of choosing vintage with glam is really a lovely and quite unique idea. Personally, I would prefer vintage style as it reminds the old days and gives a classic feel to the wedding.

modern classic


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