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10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Officiant

For many, the most special part of the wedding is the ceremony.  That is why it is so important that you choose a wedding officiant that is right for you.  I've reached out to thousands of wedding officiants to find out what you should ask them before you make a hiring decision.  Their answers are listed below.  And to help you choose an officiant for your wedding, check out BridalTweet's list of our 25 favorite Wedding Officiants.  Enjoy...

1. Does this officiant "get us?"  Do we feel seen by them, heard by them, resonant with them, a heart connection?  If you answer "yes"  then they are the right officiant for you! - Susan Turchin of Creating and Officiating Personalized Wedding Ceremonies

2.  How often will we meet?  Is he or she available by phone or e-mail if you have questions? Some members of the clergy require couples to have counseling before they will marry them. If that's the case, make sure you are given a clear schedule that isn't overwhelming. - Hope MacFarland of On the Pond Marriage Services

3.  Do you keep a back-up Officiant available, just in case of an emergency? If so, how do we get in touch with them? - Chris Eppards of Indy Wedding Officiants

4.  I think the most important question to ask your officiant is if that person is in compliance with Local and State laws.  There is more to it than just obtaining a Marriage License.  Every State has laws regarding who can legally perform marriages.  I would suggest that the couple obtain a copy of their State Law before interviewing an Officiant.  Many States have disallowed those who have been ordained from the internet.  There have also been several court cases were marriages were ruled void by the courts. Do your homework in your State before you have your interview. - Reverend Giovanni Weddings of

5. When interviewing a prospective officiant (religious or civil), couples should ask, "May we personalize our ceremony?" Some couples like to include his/her/their children or pets.  Some may/may not want a prayer.  Some may/may not want to write their own vows.  Some may want to include a bit of (tasteful) humor.  Some may want to honor their parents or grandparents.  Some may want to find a way to include deceased relatives or friends. Look for an officiant who is willing to work with you until YOUR ceremony is "just perfect!" - NancyT of

6.  You are a minister, but we're not religious.  Can you help us with a non-religious wedding ceremony? - Rev. Marian Hale

7. Do you love your position as a wedding officiant? - David Smothers of

8.  For the couple whose families come from two different spiritual traditions, ask the officiant how she can bridge the gap to ensure the ceremony is respectful and meaningful for everyone. - Zita Christian of

9.  What is your process? How will you get to know us and honor our wishes for the ceremony? - Rev. Samora Smith of

10.  What makes you/your service different/better than any other local officiant? - Wendy Kotch of

Still struggling to find a wedding officiant?  Here are 25 of our picks for the best wedding Officiants.  Check them out for your big day!

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