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BridalTweet Will Help Drive More Traffic to Your Wedding Blog!
This new BridalTweet Member benefit is completely free.  The more wedding bloggers that participate, the more potential traffic there is for all participants.

What is the new feature? Essentially, my goal is to help your wedding business by driving more traffic to your wedding blog. To make this happen, I've created a simple widget (scroll down to view this) that our Members can place on their wedding blogs.  Once the widget is installed on your wedding blog, your latest blog posts will automatically be "broadcasted" to the other wedding blog sites that also carry the widget. Similarly, your blog will now contain this widget, which will include links to other participating wedding bloggers.

Why would you want this?  This new widget will increase your visibility across the network of wedding blog sites.  It can bring you new traffic and keep your blog content fresh.

What do you need to do for your blog posts to show up in the network widget?
Step #1: The widget is easy to install and resize if you've got a blog or website.  Simply find the widget below on this page and click on the button that is labeled Get Widget.  You will then see options for various places to publish this widget. Choose an option and copy the code into your blog or website.  You will then see options for various places to publish this widget. Choose an option and copy the code into your blog or website.
Step #2: You will also need to include a link to BridalTweet on your blog page. This will get your blog into the network feed. We advise you to place this link under the widget.  Please title the link: BridalTweet Wedding Forum

BridalTweet Wedding Forum

Help! You installed the widget but you don't see your blog in the widget feed!  If you search for your blog name or a recent post and it shows up in Google Blog Search, your posts will automatically get picked up by the BridalTweet Wedding Blog Network.  Whether you see your latest post in the widget or not depends on a lot of factors such as when Google Blog Search picks up your post and updates the feed. It also depends on how many other bloggers are publishing new posts around the same time. People viewing the widget across the network at different times may see lots of different posts in the feed. 

Comment by Dorothy Musya on July 9, 2012 at 12:55pm

Two years later after the last comment i have installed the widget i hope it still works wonders for old members :)!

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