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Walking on Broken Glass

When you sit down to plan your wedding, first you think about the date, then the venue, then maybe the ask for referrals from friends, because these are the essential components of the evening.

You loved your friend Emily's flowers, so you use her florist, you danced your butt off at your friend Jen's wedding, so you use her band. After the necessities are finalized and you have picked the best of your friends' vendors, you begin to wonder "what will make my wedding A)… Continue

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The Tale of the No Gift-Givers

"You have a year to give a wedding gift".

We want to know who came up with that one. It has become common knowledge that a bride and groom can expect to wait up to a year to receive a gift from some guests. When you go to a wedding no one may have to wait a year to receive your meal (even though at some weddings by the time dinner is served it feels like a year has passed).

Honestly people...if you go to a wedding...give a gift, sooner rather than… Continue

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To be or not to be...bridey

Did we miss the memo that the minute you get engaged, you are supposed to transform into Bride Barbie?

When I got engaged, I told myself I wasn't going to use Bridelines as a soapbox, but we think this is a necessary topic and hope it is well-received by other brides-to-be. Since I got engaged only 3 weeks ago, multiple people (not that I’m counting) have said to me “You are not being a good bride” or “You are not very enthusiastic” or “You are not bridey enough.”

Anyone… Continue

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Dilemmans're Katherine Heigel in "27 Dresses." You are (or were) everyone's best friend. Throughout your life you kept in touch with your elementary school friends, high school friends, camp friends, sorority sisters, co-workers, kickball teammates, and you have a few sisters and some close cousins. When all your friends and family got married (going back as far as 10 years), you were the go-t0-girl. These friends NEEDED you try to hundred of dresses, walk down the aisle and hold their dress up… Continue

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Everyone Loves Pigs in the Blanket

Cocktail hour is the most anticipated culinary component of the wedding. From the sushi bar to the meat carving station, your guests will be canvassing the room in search of those infamous baby lamb chops. For most guests, cocktail hour is the only time in the evening where the focus is on the food. By the time the party gets started everyone is happily distracted by the band, the toasts and inevitably the alcohol. Usually, the sit down meal is forgettable and what leaves a lasting impression… Continue

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The Cost of Being Your Best Friend

Whoever said that watching your best friend marry the man of her dreams is “priceless” was definitely not a bridesmaid.

A bridesmaid’s role is to be the emotional rock for the bride and along with that, bridesmaids are expected to attend every wedding event, irrespective of cost.

Brides...we know your big day has been planned since age 6 when the only important bank was your piggy bank, but times have changed and your friends are not recession proof. In case you haven’t… Continue

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Bridal Shower Rant

We know some of you disagree, but Bridelines love to hear all opinions...and we love controversy.

Come join the discussion!

Bridal Showers.

Were they invented by the same gift-receiving geniuses who created Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

Yet another way for your friends to spend money on you!

The rest of the post is at

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VOTE FOR BRIDELINES: Finalist for Best Wedding Planning Blog!!!


We are delighted to announce that Bridelines has been named a finalist by for the Best Wedding Planning Blog award. In order to win WE NEED YOUR VOTES. Please take a few minutes out of your day to vote at (Bridelines is the last one).

It is really simple and we know you have the time in between reading Daily Candy and… Continue

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Please Don't Stop the Music

We have all been to those weddings where the music is geared more towards the Little Richard generation and less towards the Lil Wayne generation. Not that there isn’t something to be said about the oldies. “Run Around Sue” is favorite and anytime a Jackson 5 song comes on, you can be sure the dance floor is filled. However, 5 hours of oldies is fitting for a retirement party not your wedding party.

Brideliners are wondering...did you choose those songs or did you get bullied into it… Continue

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Somerthing old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something red white and blue?

Break out the fireworks and bikinis!

Are you busy getting ready for a great backyard BBQ or are you confirming hair appointments and picking up your bridesmaid dress from the tailor for the upcoming weekend?

As we get ready for the 4th of July festivities, Bridelines weekend weddings: a great way to have extra time to celebrate or a guarantee that your friends will be angry at you for ruining their beach getaway?

The ongoing… Continue

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Some Exciting News!

We are so excited to be part of the new Weddzilla Blog team!

We will be sharing our practical, funny and honest opinions on bridesmaids, bridezillas and everything in between. Check out our introduction!

Please vote for Bridelines as Wedding Channel's Best Bridal Blog!

Click the link below and reply to the thread. Attach your favorite Bridelines… Continue

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Guest Lists: Who Makes the Cut?

Even before you were engaged chances are you and your soon to be fiancé had conversations (maybe many conversations) about what your wedding would be like. Most likely you even previously drafted a tentative guest list on some scrap piece of paper on one drunken evening. When it comes to weddings, we all know size DOES matter. Big, small, in between? Whatever your expectations were, we can guarantee that by the time you have integrated your list with your parents and in-laws it will be… Continue

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Rule #1: Never Leave a Fellow Crasher Behind

As we go through various life events we are given rules how to best approach each situation. We are told the simple recipes for getting a date, landing a job, losing weight. We are told from a young age that if we follow these rules we are doing the “right” thing.

However, there are no rules for wedding events and what is right and wrong usually depends on the brides hormones…which for most brides has more highs and lows than Britney’s career.

Our readers have… Continue

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Save te Dates - Smile for the Magnet!!

What would my fridge be without all your Save the Dates?

Save the Dates are yet another way for the wedding industry to make money off of innocent brides and grooms. The practical purpose behind Save the Dates is for your guests to know ahead of time when your wedding is so they can revolve their entire years’ plans around that date. This concept makes sense for weddings where you have out of town guests because they need hotel information and need to make plans in advance, but other… Continue

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Bridesmaid dresses – Why All The Drama?

Check out the full post at

Have you had a relationship with a bridesmaid dress that is more tumultuous than Heidi and Spencer’s faux marriage? We know there are lots of women who curse the day bridesmaid dresses were invented, so Bridelines has some tips for brides on how to choose dresses that won’t make your bridesmaids regret answering the inevitable question “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

As your friends are trying to be sensitive… Continue

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Engagement Photos - love 'em or hate 'em?

Do you ever wonder why people spend money on professional engagement photos?

We certainly do!

These engagement photos are yet another modern day wedding trend appearing on the scene in recent years. Unlike the rediscovery of peace sign necklaces and neon colored nail polish, this trend seems to be a new frontier. We have all seen Facebook pages laden with black and white photos of a couple skipping through a beautiful park scene or frolicking on a trendy NYC… Continue

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Don't Make a Decision You Might Regret!

Don't Make a Decision You Might Regret...

Weddings are full of important decisions. Venues, bands, flowers, caterers, jewelers, invitations, photographers, bridal party gifts – there are endless decisions to be made. Bridelines wants to help our brides make these important decisions.

We are asking all married ladies, vendors, wedding planners or just girls who know about this planning stuff to help out all those ladies in the midst… Continue

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Wedding Guests - Who Gets a Plus 1?

Whether to invite friends with a plus 1 can become a very uncomfortable situation.

As the bride/groom, you are trying to manage costs wherever you can and inviting your single friend with a date usually doesn’t take precedent over adding extra dessert (although maybe it should because one eats the dessert). There are no set rules when it comes to the plus 1 issue, but there are a variety of situations that should be considered.

Regardless, you are bound to… Continue

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A Toast to the Happy Couple

A best man once said…”I've heard that a best man speech should be as long as it takes for the groom to make thanks everyone, enjoy the night”

Why is a best man speech usually so much funnier than a maid of honor speech?

And now that rehearsal dinners are the mandatory pre-game event, there are entire nights dedicated to men trumping women. With rehearsal dinners popping up as often as Internet photos of Adam Lambert, we thought it was important to inform… Continue

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Thank You For Being A Friend (Bridesmaid)

For the past year, your best friends and siblings supported your obsession with dresses, seating arrangements and save-the date cards. Your bridesmaids played silly games at your destination bachelorette party and summoned their artistic talent to create a “hat made of ribbons” at your bridal shower. Your big day is almost here and your bridesmaids will be there to help you bustle your dress and toast to your upcoming marriage.

To thank your bridesmaids for their help, patience and… Continue

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