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Wedding Planning: 5 Steps to get you started!

Because wedding planning can be very overwhelming, I have prepared a 5-step list to help get you started.


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On Wedding Planning Overload? Read this! The Bitch's Bridal Bible- Don't let the title fool you.

Part of my continuing education program as a wedding planner includes keeping up with the latest wedding inspiration blogs and planning books. When I came across Alessandra Macaluso’s…


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Washington DC Brides: Sweet Pearlz Cheesecake is The Most Delicious Wedding Guest!

When it comes to dessert tables at weddings or any other social event, the most popular treats on display are: macaroons, candy jars, cupcakes, cake-pops, etc.  Have you thought of having cheesecake instead? (yes, you read…


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Northern VA brides: Check out Gateau Wedding Cake Boutique, Dazzling and Delicious!

Owner and Pastry Chef Lora Gookin had a fantastic year in 2014.  In her Warrenton, VA bakery, Lora and her team designed more than 100 wedding cakes for Northern Virginia couples.

With a strong background in engineering and architecture, Lora Gookin’s part-time hobby and passion – creating elegant wedding and special-occasion cakes – turned into a…


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Congratulations, you’re engaged!! Now what? -- 5 steps to help get you started

The day you’ve been dreaming about has finally arrived.  With a smile on your face and a ring on your finger, you’ll soon be marrying the love of your life.  From here on out, the wedding planning journey is completely up to you.  Here is some advice to help you prepare for and enjoy the task that lies ahead.…


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5 Tips to Get the Best Makeup and Hair for your Wedding Day from Stylist to Go


Finding the "one"  to do your hair and makeup for the wedding day is no small or easy task. You want to look...just right. I interviewed professional Amy Rojas, Licensed Hair Stylist and owner of Stylist to Go to get her advise on the subject.

1. Amy recommends to get a trial…


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Wedding Pro Spotlight: Kevin Halfhill – an Artist who Transforms your Wedding Pictures into a Magical Masterpiece!

BodaMaestra was recently introduced to a modern and unique way to transform your favorite wedding pictures, so keep reading!  Artist Kevin Halfhill, a former web designer with nearly two decades of experience, decided to change careers and…


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5 Smart Steps to Creating a Realistic Wedding Budget

According to, budget is defined as "an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expenses for a given period in the future". Shortly after your engagement, preparing a wedding budget is one of the very first things that you should do. The question is, how do you create a wedding budget?…


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5 Major Wedding Planning Pitfalls you Must Avoid

1. Coming up Short on your Ceremony Planning

Planning your wedding ceremony is a relatively non-complex task, especially for traditional Catholic weddings. Two issues, however, that are often overlooked or not adequately focused on are: music for the ceremony and…


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Our next couple: Emmy and Raul's engagement story - the countdown has begun!

Emmy and Raul’s story began back in 2008 when they met in college. They were in the same Business program, the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and had several classes together. At…


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Wedding Expert Spotlight: Alzuro Productions- ready to conquer Northern VA and Washington DC.

Whether you have decided to organize a big or a small affair, your wedding will probably be the most elaborate event of your life.  The dress you picked is stunning, the flowers and cake are just what you were dreaming of, and everyone you love will be there. What’s left to do?

For one, make sure you document your wedding memories for a lifetime.  How?  By…

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3 Traditional Wedding Mass Rituals in the Hispanic Culture - Part II

This is the second in a series of six blogs dedicated to Latin weddings. To read Part I, please click here.

In Part I of this series, I wrote about the giving of “arras” or gold/silver coins. This beautiful tradition follows the exchanging of…


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3 Traditional Wedding Mass Rituals in the Hispanic Culture - Part I

This is the first in a series of six blogs that I will dedicate to Latin wedding traditions.

I have chosen to start this blog series with a discussion of the elements that are traditional, and in most cases unique, to Hispanic Catholic wedding ceremonies.

Having planned and participated in Catholic weddings in Mexico…


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A slice of perfection from Occasionally Cake!

I recently posted the following quote from Evan Esar on my Facebook page: "Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration."  This is so true!

I would add that success also comes with good planning, preparation, initiative, hard work and…

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Coming soon: Jessica and Alex, tying the knot on April 26!


Jessica and Alex met at James Madison University (JMU) during their freshman year in 2005.  Alex noticed Jessica first during an orientation session where they were placed in the same discussion group (Jessica actually does not remember Alex being in the group!).   In any case, they saw each other later that year at a party, and, in a moment of foreshadowing, Alex told Jessica…


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