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5 Ideas to Enhance Your Wedding Lighting

When it comes to event design and especially weddings, one of the most important and underappreciated aspects is lighting. How you light up the room can change its feel, highlight what you want people to focus on, and hide what you do not want them to see. When it comes to lighting up your wedding, you have several different elements that you should consider as follows:

  1. Uplighting – Many times this tends to be colored light that is then projected from a unit that has been placed…

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5 Incredible Benefits of Having a Wedding Film

A wedding is one of the most memorable and important events in our lives. In the past, people did not have ways of permanently preserving the precious moments in their lives. With modern technology, people can now preserve these moments and check them out whenever they want.  A nuptials video is a crucial keepsake that couples will cherish for years to come. Here are some benefits of professionally producing your wedding video.

·         Special moments

Most weddings involve…


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What to Look Out For When Buying the Classic Gold Ring

It was with yellow gold that man’s affair with precious metals started, and understandably over the centuries since then, it has attained an iconic status. Gold soon became not only the economic strength of nations but also a symbol of status and affluence. It is not hard to guess why it became the standard in jewelry and became popular with people across nations uniting in holy matrimony. Signifying beauty, class, and luxury, you need to be able to appreciate why a gold wedding ring is not…


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Incredible Wedding Bands Shopping Tips

For many men, the process of selecting a wedding band or engagement ring can be a little daunting. With so many options to choose from, you can end up getting confused or even making the wring choices. It is important to have an idea of what you are looking for in a wedding band if you are to save time and money while purchasing such jewellery. After all, you might end up having this band or ring for life. That gives you every reason to be careful with your choices. At the end of the day,…


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The Knowhow of Wearing a Mundu Neriyathum Saree



Sarees have unified a nation that comprises of divergent cultures and religions. From the North to South and from the East to West, entire India has some links to saree.


The beauty of sarees enhance greatly in the way it is worn. Wearing a saree can be a daunting task for many. If you want to wear a saree, you need to know how to wear it right. It is perhaps as vital as it is important to select the right kind of…


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Keep up with fashion trends in the easiest ways possible

It is your duty as a lady to always dress yourself well. Growing up, your parents must have taught you that ladies are like flowers. You need to look good always. Just as flowers look beautiful after they have bloomed, so should ladies look like at all times. You should not play around with your looks. There are many places that your dressing will speak for you when you will not be able to do so.

For example, when you go for an interview and you realize there are many other ladies…


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Is There Really Jewellery Made for Men?

If you are a man in today’s generation, you will notice the importance of first impressions in both the work and social scene. Appearance and issues such as grooming were mainly associated with women, but not any more. Both men and women these days are tasked with the responsibility to practice good hygiene and grooming.

A man in today’s generation is well aware of the fact that fellow men in his office are taking more time to groom themselves, they are investing more in the clothes…


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Your 10 Step Guide to Selecting Perfect Wedding Jewelery

  • Decide on the wedding theme

The first and the foremost step that comes in to picture while choosing on any wedding asset or accessory is to decide a wedding theme. In the modern era, weddings are based on a variety of different themes from royal to contemporary. Pick one in accordance with your interests and budget.

  • Finalize your wedding outfit

The wedding outfit is indeed one of the most significant parts of…


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Queen for a Day: Choosing the Perfect Bridal Sarees Online

It’s life-changing!

Not the dress, obviously, but the day. Your wedding day is among the most important days of your life and you need to make sure that everything is perfect, especially your bridal saree. Traditionally, your family would have to find the saree for you, but with modern day technology, you can spend less time (and money) finding the bridal saree of your dreams on sites like

So much to see, so little…


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What to consider when getting a microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an outpatient procedure done to correct flaws on the skin and provide smooth, young looking skin. Recovering from a microdermabrasion procedure is quick and easy and with good preparation, you procedure will be successful.

You can actually do a microdermabrasion procedure in your own home as seen in Microdermabrasion April's review of the PMD Personal Microderm…


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Getting it Right for Bride and Grooms’ Hairstyles for the Big Day

So, the big day is almost here and you are ready to make a milestone in your lives. You have exquisite rings, elegant attire for the bridal party and the idyllic destination location; so you sit back and relax. But wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Oh yes, that mess on your heads! offers you tips and hairstyles that will help you make the right choice for your big day.…


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Get a Smashing Look by BuyingBridesmaid Dresses Online

After months of preparation including choosing the perfect wedding dress, the most exciting day of your life is now beckoning. Nothing can possibly go wrong, is there? This is where most brides go wrong because they forget the bridesmaid will feature prominently in their wedding.

Avoid Ruining Your Wedding

Failure to have the best bridesmaid dresses can ruin your dream wedding. To avert this disaster and avoid…


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