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Top Ten Questions to Ask a Wedding Officiant

Whenever you meet with a wedding vendor for the first time, you should be prepared (we appreciate when you've taken the time to learn about our services before your meeting, and have questions prepared for us.  Here are my suggestions on the top 10 questions you should ask a wedding officiant.…


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The Gift of Giving

Wedding gifts can be one of those things where guests tend to hit a bump in the road trying to figure out what to get the bride and groom. What do they need? How much should I spend? What is appropriate? Wedding guests, some of these questions may arise, so follow these tips to ensure a well thought-out gift.…


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The Value of Pre-Marital Education: Why It Should Be a Prerequisite of Marriage!

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, sometimes we forget to focus on this fact….after the wedding, there is a MARRIAGE!  Once you return from your honeymoon, your normal life will resume (work, school, etc.) – with the addition of your spouse and his or her schedule, personality and idiosyncrasies to factor in!   So how does a person adjust to this major life change, and how does a couple handle issues that may arise?  (and trust me, they…


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