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Portland's Forest Park Engagement Session - High Heels and Hiking Trails!

Emmery and Tim are tying the knot! ;) 

This here is a sneak peek of their fabulous, fun, adventurous engagement session.

Many more images are on our own MoscaPhoto Blog here.

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Spring is in the air! Portland Waterfront, flowery and sunny, Engagement Session.

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Meet Keri & Tucker. They are two beautiful people who met up with us yesterday for their engagement session. Following our suggestions, they dressed perfectly! Not only that, they are super sweet and always smiling. It was a challenge for us to find secluded areas at Portland's Waterfront on a (rare!)…


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MoscaPhoto Suggestion! - Consider professional wedding albums and books. For lifetimes of memories!

Thank you for reading our blog here on Bridal Tweet! Please visit us on our own page too, for even more information and photographs! And interact with us on Facebook too. Have a beautiful day! <3


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MoscaPhoto inspiration post! Wedding Floral Bouquet ideas!

We make a post like this one every year, at the end of the year. We love to photograph every aspect of a wedding day, including the details that make each event as unique as you are! Flower arrangements are part of the colorful decor that a couple take time in choosing... we realize how personal each flower decision is, so we love to share our past couples' ideas with you in hopes to help you choose your own ;)

We have had the pleasure of working alongside several talented…


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A country-chic backyard wedding in Corvallis OR.

Andrea & Omar

Saturday July 9th 2011

Private backyard wedding location in Corvallis Oregon

Photography by Alice & Josh (Portland, OR)…


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Wedding day at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge.

ALL of our couples are beautiful, worth waiting for, exciting to see marry and fun to be around. We're lucky enough to have a career that is so rewarding, on all fronts. But every once in a while, we get to meet and get to know and get to photograph a super special couple; one who we end up bonding with and caring about and anticipating the wedding of, above and beyond what a regular 'ol "working relationship" usually leads to. Maybe Josh and I are just waaaaay sensitive... don't blame… Continue

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Newport Oregon - Coast and Lighthouse Engagement Session.

A fantastic day on the Oregon Coast! Newport Oregon is a jewell and, even if about 3 hours away from Portland, totally worth visiting (for pleasure AND for special photographic occasions). About one week ago, Josh and I drove south to Newport to meet up with our 9.10.11 couple, Ang & Craig. Newport means a lot to them and since we love to find new places to photograph our couples in, we were glad to be able to join them there!

We met up in the evening (to… Continue

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Wedding at the beautiful Oregon Coast!

Grace & Neal are married! The day was yesterday, Saturday April 30th 2011. The day after the famous Royal Wedding. Grace (along with her friends and family) thought of her own day as a royal one. Why? Because her married name will be: Grace Kelly! ;)

Westminster Abbey or not, Grace & Neal's… Continue

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Powells Books and The Pearl District! Amy and Danielle In The City! ;)

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A breath of fresh ocean air and a super fun couple's beach shoot, on the blog today!

Once again, Josh and I spent most of this past Sunday hanging out and photographing and getting to know one of our summer 2011 couples. Lea & Clark are SO sweet and funny and totally in love! They will be getting married at one of our ultimate favorite wedding venues in the area (Gorge…

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Super fun engagement session! Props are great to add to the shoot... red balloons and picture frames to name a couple! :)

Once again, Josh and I feel that we are the luckiest wedding photographers in the world! Just look at how fun and happy and goofy and in love and willing to play, our couple Grace & Neal is... LOVE them!

Grace loves bridges. Living in Portland (ie: Bridge City) was fortuitous for their shoot, since BOY do we have some gorgeous and accessible bridges to play around for photos! Plus, this day was… Continue

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The most unique MoscaPhoto engagement session to date!

It's just SO fun meeting new couples who are adventurous and willing to "get down and dirty" on their shoots. We initially meet with our couples to share stories, so as to get to know each other well... to become friends! We always bond with our couples, but sometimes, we really truly see eye-to-eye. Like with Wendi & Danny! We were joking around about being extreme photographers (right Sara?! :))), and then realized that we were… Continue

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A super sweet and intimate Portland wedding. Vintage dress and cute up-do. Just lovely!

Holly and Manny married last summer (7.18.2010) at Meriwether's Restaurant in Northwest Portland. Their closest friends and family attended and celebrated, making the day familial and absolutely one of the sweetest we've attended. Not to mention their… Continue

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SUPER cute Save-The-Date card idea! This image is perfect for it!

We thought this was one of the cutest things ever!
I am always looking for inspiration all around the web, and today, I ran into an idea that I was hoping to be able to recreate.…

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Why are "getting ready" photographs so important?

Welcome to our purely informative blog post :)

This will be the first installment of 3 separate posts. The first (this one) will be solely concentrated on the "getting ready" period of time during a wedding day. The second will be about the ceremony, right before it and right after it. The third and final one will be about the reception. We hope you enjoy!

I will take advantage of this… Continue

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Inspiration Post! Our 2010 Wedding Season's Flower Arrangements!

They are all so photogenic!

And one of our favorite wedding aspects to photograph.

The colors are always bright; the arrangements so creative.

And the reaction in people's faces when they first see their bouquets at the wedding... priceless!

We did the same Inspiration Post at the end of last year, showcasing all of the bouquets and floral arrangements of the 2009 season.

Here is a slideshow of our 2010 wedding season!

I have included three… Continue

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{MoscaPhoto Wedding} A wedding at the exclusive Garden Vineyards in Portland, OR. ~ Natalie & Carl 9.12.10

Here is yet another day that could not have possibly been any more perfect.

We arrived at the exclusive Garden Vineyards at 1pm and didn't leave till we were ready to go to the posh Hotel Monaco, in downtown Portland, for some fun bride and…

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{Wedding!} Beach, Beautiful Light, Gorgeous Couple, LOTS of DIY! - Oregon Coast Wedding by MoscaPhoto.

We have been waiting and longing to blog this wedding!

We are finally able to and are SO excited to share this glorious day with this gorgeous couple, with you!

Hillary and Nick were close friends of a wedding couple who we fell in love with last season (2009) who had a very intimate wedding on the beach in Moclips, WA. Dale and Chris introduced us to Hillary and Nick that day a year ago, we we immediately hit it off!

It turns out that this past January 2010,… Continue

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