Designing a concept for your special event should be done so that the event environment is authentic, inspiring, and shows your creative flair! There are three concepts you can employ:


1.) Modern Classic

This concept has a strong masculine flair, so a great way for guys to host their special event - let's say a sophisticated bachelor party! The color palette would employ masculine tones such as mahogany, ebony, and bronze. Adding some metallic tones such as nickel and iron would give it a bit more flair! Or, modernize it by adding white as an accent color. Unique room elements would be to ad such things as leather wingback chairs with metal studs, racing trophies, animal heads or statues, or topiaries. Add to this, your entertainment, such as a martini bar with a professional mixologist who can prepare unique twists on some classic cocktails. If your group is a cigar-smoking bunch, consider adding a cigar rolling station!


2.) Sultry Seduction

Pantone seems to be very popular still, and utilizing warm tones such as Tangerine, would make your special event simulate the mood for color! So, how about the red-based shades with flects of silver or gold, or even black. Adding such elements as crystals, candles, mirrors, as well as layering some unique pillows in polka dot and prints would be just the right touch for making the overall aesthetics of the event "cozy" and warm. To modernize, add such elements as baroque candlesticks, painted in gloss black, or a contemporary centerpiece.


3.) Adventure, Pure and Simple

We all love a bit of adventure! Pop culture and interior design shops are progressing to more adventuresome displays; so, think of the neutrals - taupe, cream, black, and add a bit of the metallics such as gold or silver. If you want the color to pop with color, utilize some of the dark tones - sage, eggplant, or navy. For a more playful look, utilize primary shades such as red, blue, or yellow. Some great props, books stripped of their covers, toy or model airplanes, film reels or cogs from clockworks, and archival maps or images of cityscapes will help bring this adventuresome event to life! Lighting this theme, utilize oversized bronze chandeliers with crystals or strands of bronzed cable with old-fashioned giant lightbulbs.


For more information on these and other techniques, see Events Solutions Magazine, February/March 2012 edition, article by Ryan Hanson, CSEP, Minneapolis, MN.  


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