Getting married is exciting. It’s the one moment that most girls have been waiting for. To find that special someone and to know that you will spend the rest of your life with them brings sheer joy.

With the engagement behind you it’s now time to begin to plan every intricate detail of your wedding. Outside of the wedding dress, the cake is one of the most fussed over details. That’s because the wedding cake is often the centerpiece of the reception.

Picking a wedding cake that represents your wedding theme as well as yourself is important. Your cake, while being a tasty treat, is also a reflection of you and your life. So finding the perfect cake is crucial.

Here are some of 2014’s top wedding cake trends:

  • The Ombre Wedding Cake – The ombre look has made its way to wedding cakes. Today’s wedding cakes can have the ombre look inside and out. This effect is literally a transition of color which goes from dark to light. This look can be classic and stylish or can go all the way into the pop neon color spectrum.



  • Glitter is In – Glitz and glam is all the rage when glitter makes its way to a wedding cake. Today’s glitter can range from a light dusting of a fine glitter to a larger, more sparkly glitter that shines like diamonds. The degree of the glitter, meaning if its course or fine will change the look of your cake. The possibilities are endless.


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  • Texturized Cake Patterns – There was a time when smooth; classic wedding cakes were all the rage. However today’s wedding cakes are about color options and textures. There are numerous textures that your cake can have. You can have a striped texture, a stucco look, a geometrical texture and more. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to texture.


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  • Shaped Wedding Cakes – Shaped wedding cakes have taken off over the past few years. In 2014 alone they seem like the design of choice for many wedding parties. Wedding cake tiers can be the same shape or each tier can be different. So it’s ok to have a square tier, then the next tier could be round and then the top tier could be octagonal. Having multiple shapes will take you from a traditional wedding cake look to a cake design that’s as unique as the couple.


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  • Wedding Cake Flavors – In 2014 the trend is also in the flavor. Wedding cakes are often a single flavor but today’s bride wants to stand out in the crowd. That’s where having a wedding cake that is multiple flavors comes into play. Tiers can have multiple layers which can have different but complimentary flavors or each tier can have its own unique flavor. The choice is yours. Get creative but make sure your cake flavors will work well together.



Wedding cakes have taken on a life of their own. Today they are like one of kind works of art. When it comes to your wedding cake be sure to consult your baker early enough so that you can truly get the cake that you want. It’s your day so make it memorable.

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