3 Tips for choosing your wedding day hair style

For most brides, their hair style for their wedding is a dilemma. They are not sure whether to wear their hair all up, half down, or all down. I have 3 rules for determining the best hairstyle for you for your wedding day. As you read these keep in mind the overall affect that you want to achieve on your big day. The overall affect includes everything from the decor of the wedding to the wedding location; the time of day you will be getting married; the wedding and reception venue; and most importantly your dress.

Rule #1 Choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the wedding location.

Where will you be getting married? Keep in mind if you are getting married on the beach, for example, there will be the wind factor. If it is in a hot or humid climate, can your hair withstand and remain in your desired style or will it have a tendency to revert back to what it does naturally? For example if a bride has naturally curly hair and wants to where it straight while having an outdoor wedding and reception in Savannah, Ga. at the end of June, that would probably not be the best idea. The climate here in Savannah that time of year is generally very hot and humid. Having all of the “humidity resistant products” in the world will not save a bride for the inevitable consequences, especially if the bride is a destination bride. Now is not the time to experiment. If you live here year round, you know how your hair will react; however, being a destination bride, like I said, experimentation is not going to be the best option.

Rule #2 Try different hairstyle choices before making the final decision.

Keep an open mind to different ideas. For most brides, they have dreamed about this day every since they were old enough to know about being a princess. Your wedding day is your day to be the princess for the day! Although you may have dreamed about everything from your dress, to your shoes, to your prince charming, never rule out a particular hairstyle. The one you rule out maybe the perfect style to compliment your face, dress, and your overall personality. This is what the trial run or consultation with your hairstylist is for. Most brides have picked out at least one hairstyle that they like, but are not quite sure about. Try it! That might just be the one you love. It is sort of like your wedding dress, when you tried on THE gown and looked in the mirror…You Knew that was THE ONE…it is the same way with your hairstyle…YOU WILL KNOW!

Rule #3 Do not panic or stress about your hair.

You know your hair better than any stylist. Usually going with your gut instinct will not lead you wrong. If you are feeling stressed about your hair or what it will do on your wedding day…stop! Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your personal style. Do not allow trends and sudden whims to cause you to make a decision that goes against your better judgment. Be realistic about your hair and what it will do. That is the best way to look YOUR PERSONAL BEST on your wedding day!

Congratulations and happy planning!

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