4 Care Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring in Perfect Condition

You recently got engaged, and you cannot believe the size of the rock on your finger. The man of your dreams will soon be your life partner, and it is the beginning of building your life together. However, you may have a lot of questions about proper engagement ring care since it will likely be the most expensive piece of jewelry that you owned. Here are some guidelines to keep your ring in fantastic condition. If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you’ve got a beautiful new ring that you want to enjoy for the rest of your life. However, the sparkle and shine of your new ring could wear off more quickly than you might expect. To keep you engagement ring in the best condition 

Clean Your Ring Often

Cleaning your ring is the most obvious tip to keep it like new, but you may be timid to touch it. Dirt buildup can block the beauty of the stone, and the process for cleaning your ring is much more straightforward than you think. Let your ring sit in a small dish of warm water mixed with mild dish soap overnight. Rinse it with some clean water, and pat it dry with a dry cloth. Use extra precaution cleaning it over a sink, and ensure the drain is blocked.

Schedule Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an excellent idea if you are uncomfortable cleaning the ring yourself. Many stores offer complimentary cleaning as an incentive for your purchase. Any necessary jewellery repairs such as loose prongs or diamonds can also be addressed before it's too late, and the diamond dislodges. It's also a good idea to purchase insurance in the event your ring is stolen or lost.

Avoid Chemicals

You may be hesitant to take off your ring for fear of losing it, but abrasive chemicals can erode your rig and cause permanent damage. Get advice from your jeweler about leaving your ring on versus taking it off because it's usually based on the type of stone that you have. Consider buying some ring dishes to place around the house, so it's always in a safe and secure location.

Limit Touching

All women are going to flash their bling to all of their family and friends. Keep your hands off of it as much as possible because the natural oil from your skin can dull the ring. Hold your hand from a distance as you wave it in front of your besties.

Your engagement ring is a symbol of the lifelong commitment your partner has made to you. Keeping your ring in excellent condition is a sign of your love and devotion to your other half. Keep the ring in excellent condition, and it will make him more confident to buy you more expensive jewelry in the future.

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