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4 Fantastic Wedding Reception Ideas for Couples with Big Dreams

It is notable that your wedding ceremony is a special event to you. It is the day that you get married and is characterized by happy moments. It is therefore important to ensure that you organize yourself well so that everyone present can enjoy the event. The guests and everyone else is looking forward to the reception hence the reason why it is important to ensure they experience the best moment in their life. Ensure that they eat, drink and dance as a way of celebrating the happy event. Read on to discover some of the best reception ideas in the industry.

Thoughtful Seating Arrangements

While it may sound obvious, there is a great benefit of making sure that there is a good seating arrangement. The guests should be placed with people who they know so that they can interact and talk freely with one another. Someone may think it is a good idea to set your guests with new people so that they can make new friends but the truth is different. Remember the guests are there for you and their primary aim is to have the best experience of their lifetime. If the seating arrangement is well thought, then there will be a great conversation and people will dance with each other making the event lively.


Many people are used to a typical three-course meal during events. Surprise them by organizing five smaller meals. However, do not stretch the meals too much because people need to get to the floor and dance. Make sure people are surprised with what they see between meals such as sweet poems from people you have known for years. Find a dancer or a singer who will entertain others as they take their sweet meals. The guest will love the event as it will be full of fun and happiness.

Get a DJ for Your Reception

Getting a DJ sounds something that is obvious. However, many people arrange their wedding for many days but still end up forgetting one key thing which is entertainment. Guests would love to dance, and that is why it is important to get a DJ, like those available from Selective Sound Entertainment, who will play the kind of music they want. After taking their meals, they need to dance and enjoy the real event. If you want to make sure everyone is happy with the kind of music played, talk to your DJ regarding the type of music to play.

Food is necessary for any event. Regarding the wedding reception, good food cannot be ruled out. Ensure you find a caterer who is professional and experienced so that he/she can follow your instructions.

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