4 Housing Options for a Fun Start to Married Life

When you get married, you want to start off right. Having a nice home is probably part of your plan, but you might not know exactly what you want. Well, sit down with your new spouse or fiancé to decide which of these options would be ideal for you.

Traditional House

Whether you buy or rent your first house, you’ll love all of the space and privacy that a traditional stand-alone house can provide you. Not only do you get backyard and a washer and dryer all to yourself, but you also never have to worry about your neighbor’s disturbing you in the middle of the night. You will also love the extra storage space in the basement.


If you want to feel like you’re living in a house but can’t afford I Stand Alone house, you should check out the duplexes available. One of the added benefits of a duplex is that you’re sharing a wall with another person. This might seem like a drawback, but sharing a wall with someone else can often lower your heating and cooling cost because the side of your home that you’re sharing is providing insulation.

Luxury Apartment

When you start out your married life, don’t start out with just any old apartment. Start out with a luxury apartment, which will have all of the amenities and the upgraded fixtures that you’ve been dreaming of. A luxury apartment will have stainless steel appliances, top-notch counters, and maybe even a walk-in pantry. Plus, it will have pictures that are exclusive to it’s residence, such as a fitness center, pool, and other amenities that make your life more convenient. Luxury apartments may also feature in-unit washer and dryers and possibly walk-in closets.


If you buy your own condo, you often get a lot of perks of living in a community. For instance, many condos pay for roofing upgrades and other exterior pictures through the condos association fees. this is a great option when you don’t want to have to be responsible for expensive upgrades but want to own your own place. Many condos also often feature a pool, a fitness center, and many other amenities that are often associated with a luxury apartment.

When you’re looking for your first place after getting married, you need to look at your budget, your wants and needs, and what’s available on the market nearby. Consider these four options if you and your spouse or fiancé are looking for a place to settle down.

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