4 Issues That Might Put a Huge Damper on Your Wedding Day

Many people have grand plans for their wedding day. When something out of your control impacts your plans, you might feel frustrated and discombobulated. Consider these four big issues that could put a huge damper on your wedding day, and how you can mitigate those effects.

Bad Weather

Although there is an urban legend that rain on your wedding day signifies a long and happy marriage, most people hope for nice weather on the big day. Rain, wind, ice or snow could delay your guests from arriving. Consider a contingency plan if one of your bridal party members or another key player in the ceremony gets stuck because of the weather. Also consider alternative indoor photo backgrounds.

DUI Misdemeanor

If you have been charged with a DUI misdemeanor, it is a good idea to get that cleared up before your wedding day. You might not be able to enjoy a drink on your honeymoon or rent a car with those pending charges. Working with an attorney who handles DUI cases will facilitate the process so that your pending charges can be settled before your big day.

Guest Arguments

In many social circles, there are certain individuals who seem driven to argue. If you know ahead of time that two or more of your guests are likely to start an argument, talk to each of them separately and explain to them that this is your day, and you will not tolerate their petty problems. Tell them to leave their issues at home and not to disrupt your special event.

Acute Illness or Injuries

While you can take action to prevent many illnesses, there is always a chance that you could come down with an acute sickness such as a sinus infection or the flu on your big day. A sudden injury such as a slip-and-fall or car accident could also impact your big day. For illnesses such as the flu, there are medications that reduce symptom severity and duration. If you experience a minor injury, go with it and wear that cast or walk down the aisle on crutches.

Although you might have pictured in your mind's eye exactly how your wedding day will go, keep in mind that nothing is perfect. Go with the flow and remember that your wedding day is just one day in what will be a long marriage. Take everything in stride and do what you can in advance to minimize any disruptions of the event.

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