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4 Low-Cost Alternatives for Your Wedding Luncheon

A 2014 study published by two economists from Emory University revealed that couples who spent the most on their wedding were the most likely to divorce. Economizing on some wedding expenses won’t guarantee a perfect marriage, but here are four tips to help keep your wedding meal costs in check.


Offer One Signature Drink


Instead of a full bar, have just one signature cocktail. For a fall or winter wedding, think darker colors like rust, orange, or red and seasonal flavors. Spices like cinnamon or anise, in season fruit like apples or pears, and warming spirits like bourbon are perfect for cool days. Warm weather ceremonies call for lighter flavors and brighter colors. Try summer fruit such as berries or peach. Anything with tropical notes such as coconut or rum gives a summery vibe.


Serve a Buffet


A sit-down formal dinner is costly, time consuming, and limiting. Sides are less expensive than meat entrées, so serve a variety of filling side dishes such as potatoes, rolls, vegetables, rice, and casseroles such as lasagna or mac and cheese. Even a hearty sandwich, such as pulled pork, on Kaiser rolls can be a less expensive meat option.


Minimize Choices


Offer a limited number of options for the entrée. Chicken breasts are a low-cost option that can be served in a variety of ways which will please most people. Offer a vegetarian option for guests who prefer a meatless choice, and you will please those with diet restrictions and save money. Animal protein is a pricey entrée; a few hearty vegetables and other protein options such as tofu will save a lot of money.


Choose Unconventional Desserts


A traditional wedding cake can cost anywhere from $300 to $700, but there are a variety of other ways to serve plenty of dessert less expensively. Buy off-the-shelf cakes from a supermarket at a fraction of what you would pay for a custom cake. Pick a variety of cake flavors such as vanilla, carrot, or chocolate with a mixture of different icing flavors. Sheet cakes can be a less expensive option. Individual cupcakes are another pretty cake alternative.


The success of your wedding isn’t based on what cut of meat you serve. Make your wedding a happy occasion because it is a gathering of family and friends wishing you well in your adventures and save your extra money for a great honeymoon or a down payment on your new life together.

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