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4 Mainstays Every Wedding Reception Should Include

Once a couple exchanges vows, they’re ready to enjoy the reception and the honeymoon. Months of planning a wedding can be really stressful and the reception is truly a celebratory way to end the process and begin a new life together. Consider these four mainstays you must include in your wedding reception.


A DJ is great because they can catch the vibe of the room and play music that matches the ambiance. However, if a DJ is outside of the budget, you can create a long playlist of great music. Plug it up to a charger and a sound system. Let it play the whole night. You can even ask a friend to keep an eye on the music to make sure everything is charged and running smoothly.

Food & Drinks

If the food tastes bad, this is a surefire way to get rid of your guests quickly. Your guests don’t want to sit through a long wedding ceremony and get to the reception to eat bad-tasting food. Make sure that you have a great chef and food tastings ahead of time. Also, don’t forget about an open bar. When it comes to event bartending, an open bar is the way to go. Even if most of your guests don’t drink, it’s still nice to have the option for those who do drink.

Wedding Party Favors

This is a great portion to really get creative and leave a unique stamp on the day. If you’re unsure of what to give your guests as favors, know that there are a variety of options. Set up a photo booth and a Polaroid station. Allow guests to take their own pictures behind a gorgeous backdrop. Hand out creative packaged food items with clever sayings. A cute idea involves packing all of the ingredients for a tasty s’more and attaching a tag that says “S’more love for you” or something along those lines.

Dance Floor

While there are some people who like to keep things conservative and don’t want dancing at a wedding reception, most people like to use this time to party. Always make sure there is a dance floor at every wedding reception. Consider the number of guests you have and make sure that the venue coordinators know that within the set-up, they need to make room for a dance floor. After all, it’s a celebration and at a celebration, people like to put on their dancing shoes and have fun. If the families are conservative and prefer to avoid the dancing, try to have other fun forms of entertainment. A great host can keep the night moving with funny jokes and crowd interaction with games and quizzes.

While the wedding ceremony is incredibly sentimental and special, the reception is the time when everyone gets to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. With these different elements involved, your guests are sure to have an amazing time.

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