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4 Mandatory Questions to Ask the Management Team of a Wedding Reception Venue

Are you going to hire a banquet hall for your wedding reception party? Here are some of the questions you must ask the management team.

So, you are finally getting hitched to the love of your life and are extremely excited for your big day, right? Well then, firstly I would like to congratulate you. The day is finally here, and no wonder you are glowing with happiness. But then, don’t get too carried away as there are so many things that you’ll have to do. You have to get your wedding dress, make a guest-list, get in touch with a reputed banquet hall and decide on the decoration and cuisine, and etc.

If you take some time out and search online, you will see that there are plenty of wedding reception venues Houston, TX. But trust me, not all of them are reliable. And hence, it is very important that you research well before hiring one. Also, make sure you ask these questions to the management team, before getting into the contract. Take a look.

  • How many people can your venue accommodate?

The first question which you should ask is how many people can fit into the hall. Normally, this kind of information is given on the websites of the inexpensive wedding venues Houston, TX but if not, then ask this to the management team directly. Make sure you do not hire a hall that has a major space constraint and can easily fit the number of invitees, as it can entirely ruin your party.

  • Do you have a team for decoration? Or do I need to hire one separately?

Well, many might think that this question is not that important. But, they only understand its importance once they have to coordinate with separate teams, all at once. I would always suggest you book a banquet hall Houston, TX that has a team dedicated to the decoration. Also, make sure that they provide all the decorative elements such as table linen, lights, centerpieces, flowers, chair covers and dinnerware so that, you don’t have to invest on them.

  • How long am I allowed to use the space provided? Do I need to pay extra if I need to stay more?

Another “must ask” question is about the timeframe in which, you will be allowed to use the hall. Also, ask if you will be required to pay extra (and how much) if you have to stay back for some time, after or before the party.

  • Can I bring my own liquor?

Another question that you must ask prior booking a hall is whether they allow BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) or not. This way, you can get your wine, champagne or other liquor from outside, or ask some of your friends/family members to do so. Take some time out and search, and I guarantee that you will come across many such venues in Houston which allow this. Trust me, this would help you cut down on your expenses as well.

So, now that you know the major questions to ask, before hiring a banquet hall for your wedding reception party, why delay any further? Start prepping up now; search online, research well and hire one after considering the essential factors.

Author Bio:

Thomas Geller is a wedding planner and also a regular blogger on banquet hall Houston, TX. To know about Inexpensive Wedding Venues Houston, TX, or choosing Wedding Reception Venues Houston, TX, do read his articles.

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