4 Reasons to get Original Art as a Wedding Gift

4 Reasons to get Original Art as a Wedding Gift

 Why ask for art as part of your wedding registry?  Maybe you already have all the household things such as pots, pans, towels & blender and are looking for something more unique and meaningful for your guests to buy you and asking for cash for your honeymoon is considered tacky.  That is what Mishkalo aims to provide - a classy alternative registry where you can browse through hundreds of original artworks or commission a piece of art or a wedding portrait and get a gift that will last all your life.


But you may still ask why buying original art is a good idea. Here are four important reasons why this is a better option than traditional towels and spoons.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Pablo Picasso


Be Classy and Unique:

You already have all the essentials to run a house and a kitchen and even if you need a few things more, you can always buy them later.  You can make your wedding unique and special by asking for a gift that will be tasteful and meaningful. Your guests will feel good to be able to buy you something that you can cherish rather than a set of towels which will be long gone when you celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary.



Bring good Feng Shui and Soul into your home:

One of the easiest ways to bring good energy into your home is with vibrant colors and art. Certain colors, images, shapes will bring the needed energy and balance into your space, while others may drain energy from you and lower the vibrations. A beautiful piece of art that you like will bring cheer and joy and life to your room. It will be a topic of conversation when you have guests and will keep your memory of that special wedding day alive every time you talk about where and how you acquired that art.



A Good Investment:


Buying original art may be a good investment. If you happen to pick an artist who gains recognition by the art world, your art can grow in value. You can also become a collector if you develop a taste for certain types of art and artists. This collection can be of great value to your kids as well.



Support an Artist:


When you buy an artwork from an artist, you support them to earn a livelihood and reward them for their hard work and creativity. Art is a big and important part of a society and It communicates across barriers of language, class and culture. Aesthetic experience is fundamental to living a rich and meaningful life.


Hope these four reasons encourage you to bring art into your life! 

If you would like to create a one of a kind wedding registry for art, check out Mishkalo










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