4 Secrets for an Unforgettable Backyard Wedding

Throwing your wedding in the backyard is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a special place on a special day. While you may want to keep the wedding totally simple, this type of event does require thought, consideration and careful planning. After all, you and your guests want to have an excellent time.

Provide Bathroom Access

A backyard wedding means that guests will either need to go into the house or use portable toilets outside. When opting for the latter possibility, rent out portable toilets that resemble indoor facilities. In other words, some companies provide rentals that include spacious bathrooms with sinks, mirrors and flushing toilets. Anything less is unacceptable when you’re trying to make guests feel welcomed.

Check the Weather

While you’re likely planning the weather well before specific weather reports are available, you should know what regular conditions are at that time of year. In the event that the area is prone to hurricanes, freezing temperatures or extreme rain, you should definitely select a different season for the wedding. Knowing the appropriate temperatures is also important. Renting out portable air conditioners or heaters may prove necessary to keep guests comfortable.

Review Local Legislation

Local laws and regulations may govern some features of your party. For example, many communities have rules regarding noise violations, which means you’ll likely need to end your celebration. However, this should not stop you from having great dance music and celebrating. You should just plan accordingly and put it in the schedule.  Home speakers may sound loud inside, but won’t work outside. Look for speaker rentals and create an amazing playlist everyone is going to want to dance to. Parking laws may also govern the street, so you will want to figure out where everyone is going to park. While going through laws might seem like a hassle, you don’t want to have to deal with these issues on the day of your nuptial celebration. Most places allow guests to park in the street.

Arrange Comfortable Seating

Backyard weddings have many features that add charm and character; however, they can also cause guests to feel discomfort if you don’t plan properly. Typical outdoor chairs found at a casual barbecue can put stress on the knees of guests, and these seating arrangements simply do not accommodate everyone. Look for different types of seating, such as large and comfortable outdoor chairs and couches, so that your loved ones have multiple options for where to relax.

Planning a backyard wedding provides you with flexibility and access to nature; you can really craft the wedding that you want. Still though, you have to stop to think about some of the snafus that would arise. Addressing them well in advance of the wedding can provide you with a lovely celebration.


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