4 Tips When Getting Married in the Fall

When you are planning an autumn wedding, the weather conditions can change rapidly, so you must prepare your wedding party and venue for colder temperatures or a rainstorm. Here are four tips for your autumn wedding.

A Beautiful White Wedding Cloak

Rent or buy a beautiful white cloak to wear over your wedding dress if it is chilly on your wedding day. You can take this garment off easily before the wedding vows, and you can put it back on to stay warm. There are wedding cloaks in a variety of lengths and styles that will look perfect with your dress and in your wedding photographs. Remember that if you buy a white cloak for your wedding, you can have it dyed later in a different color so that you can use it again.

Choose Longer Dresses for Everyone

While selecting a wedding dress along with the dresses for your bridal party, choose longer garments that will cover the legs. This is imperative during the colder temperatures that can occur during the autumn. In addition, find dresses that have long sleeves and higher necks so that the bridesmaids and flower girls won’t freeze throughout the wedding ceremony. You can also buy undergarments such as thick slips and heavier stockings to keep your bridal party warmer.

Preparing for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding venues require special planning to avoid a disaster from a rain or snow. One of the best ways to prepare is by ordering high-quality large tents that are set up by technicians. These items are attractive with clear plastic windows, and you can order from an assortment of styles or colors. Example, if you have unpredictable weather like in the north east you would want to find a New Jersey wedding venue that has experience setting up indoor and outdoor receptions and ceremonies. This way you can be sure you have all your bases covered in the case of a weather emergency.  You can also request a movable floor surface to avoid having a muddy runway to the front of the tent. While ordering the tent, make sure to request safe patio heaters or circulating fans to cope with any type of temperature that occurs on your wedding day.

Formal Coats

Don’t make the groom, best man or other important guests wear an ugly winter coat during your ceremony or in your wedding photographs. Buy or rent a dressy or formal winter coat that looks perfect with a tuxedo, suit or fancy dress. Make sure to choose the appropriate colors for the formal coats by considering the etiquette guidelines that are suggested by experts.

Consider Your Budget

Consider your budget for a wedding when you are trying to decide whether you should rent or buy items. Your wedding should be centered on your love and union, not a wow factor to guests.

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