After you’ve gotten married, a romantic honeymoon should be in order. There are many places in the world that are great for honeymoons, but a tropical honeymoon can be an especially enjoyable and memorable experience. You can add more spark to your new marriage by visiting any of these tropical destinations for your honeymoon.

Bora Bora

This island in the South Pacific makes up part of French Polynesia and has long been an ideal setting for a tropical honeymoon. The stunning turquoise and blue seawater that’s often seen around the island adds even more visual appeal to the scenery. The lagoon can be explored by diving, snorkeling, or taking a ride in a glass-bottom boat. To make your time in Bora Bora even more romantic, you and your new spouse can rent a luxury hut that stands on stilts over the water.


Good weather, friendly locals, and romantic times await you on the island of Bermuda. Astwood Park is a beautiful, private location with rocky cliffs and offers an ideal setting for sunbathing and spending romantic time alone by the ocean. Bermuda also features crystal caves with saltwater pools that can be explored. Many of the best shops and restaurants are found along Front Street. If you want to take a cruise to Bermuda for your honeymoon, a cruise planning agency can help with all the trip preparation details.


Situated just off the Yucatan Peninsula along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, the island of Cozumel is home to ruins and other places of interest that can add more special moments to your honeymoon. If you and your new spouse enjoy learning about history, the two of you can bond while exploring the ruins at the San Gervasio archaeological site. The Cabana Beach is a great place for a romantic snorkeling adventure. Many of Cozumel’s best restaurants offer authentic Mexican dishes that can increase the spice factor during your honeymoon.

The Seychelles

A favorite honeymoon destination for the royals, the Seychelle Islands may be perfect if you want to get even farther away from home during your romantic trip. These islands can be found roughly 800 miles off the coast of eastern Africa in the Indian Ocean, and you may feel as though you’re in a different world if you spend your honeymoon here. Victoria is the capital city and features a variety of shops and restaurants that are ideal for romantic times. You can also tour multiple islands and enjoy some special times together at seaside retreats like Anse Lazio and Anse Source d’Argent beaches.

The two of you deserve to have the best honeymoon imaginable after you’ve tied the knot. Whether you both enjoy long walks on the beach, exploring local sights, or simply taking in the atmosphere, any of these tropical destinations can be the perfect match.

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