4 Unique Wedding Ring Design Ideas to Show Your Fiance

The exchange of wedding rings is an integral part of a wedding. Not only are the rings a symbol of love and fidelity, they are also a reflection of the couple wearing them. Classic or modern, simple or ornate, there are countless designs, and while many people opt for an understated gold band, others choose more unique styles. Below are some unique design options everyone will love.

Vintage and Antique Wedding Rings

Fashion is circular, and vintage and antique designs have come back into style with a vengeance. Even better, these designs have proven they have staying power. From the geometric styles of art deco to the romantic symbolism of the Victorian era, these wedding rings come with their own love stories.

Custom Wedding Rings

Of course, nothing is more unique than a ring designed from the ground up by the couple getting married. Every detail of custom wedding rings can be tailored to the happy couples, from romantic engravings to hand selected gems. Rather than hunting for the perfect ring, creating one takes all the guesswork and stress out, and ensures that the final product is perfect.

Nested Wedding Rings

A nested wedding and engagement ring set, also called a stacked ring set, is designed to be worn together, complementing and elevating each other. The fun of this style is that it can completely change the look of each ring, what looks like a simple solitaire engagement ring becomes a much more elaborate piece of jewelry when combined with its partner.

Mixed Material Wedding Rings

A mixed material, or multi-toned wedding, ring is a unique take on the classic gold band. Whether a combination of rose, white, and yellow gold or the addition of another material entirely, these multi-hued rings are an elegant take on what can otherwise be a very simple piece of jewelry. An additional benefit is that it becomes easier to match other jewelry pieces to the rings. Rather than having to worry about yellow gold earrings clashing with a white platinum ring, if the ring has yellow gold, wood, and platinum all incorporated, it can easily be worn with a wider combination of other jewelry.

Ultimately, what makes rings unique is the people wearing them. That said, a wedding ring is made to be worn every day for the the remainder of a couple's lives, and should therefore be a reflection of the taste, style, and desires of the people wearing them. With so many options available, there is no reason to settle for anything less than the perfect ring.

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