4 Ways New Brides Can Improve Their Sexual Health and Confidence

Getting married represents a new change in your life that can sometimes generate some anxiety. Many new brides struggle with sexual health and confidence issues in the beginning, and these are challenges that can be overcome by giving yourself time to get used to being married. You can also use these four strategies to help you feel more confident with the physical aspects of your relationship faster.

Talk to People You Trust

Sexual health topics tend to be treated with secrecy in our society. While it might seem embarrassing to talk about issues that you face with physical intimacy, the truth is that many people likely have similar challenges. Look for people that you feel safe opening up to about your lack of confidence. Your close family members or friends might be able to share tips, and doctors are always a confidential source of helpful information.

Look for Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Sometimes, a lack of confidence comes down to feeling self-conscious about specific parts of your body. Do you worry about what your partner thinks about seeing you naked with the lights on? Most likely, they think you are perfectly lovely, but it also matters what you think. For instance, some women are concerned about how their feminine body parts look. In this case, labiaplasty is a potential option that can restore your confidence about how your body looks and feels.

Focus on Taking Care of Your Body

Doing things to improve your body image is essential. In addition to working with a surgeon, you can also make simple changes at home that help you feel better. You’ll feel more relaxed about being physical with your spouse when you’ve had enough rest. Exercising and eating healthy also help you feel your best about your appearance.

Cultivate Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Many times, sexual issues are linked to a person’s mindset. Take time to truly appreciate your body when you look in the mirror. Practice making affirmative statements about what you like. If you note a negative thought, file it away as something to worry about later. Giving yourself a positive pep talk gets you in the mood to freely give your spouse affection.

Throughout your married life, you will experience changes to your body that can change how you feel about being physical with your partner. Make sure to check in with yourself from time to time. If you feel a loss of libido or self-confidence, then find ways to address it right away. Figuring out what bothers you helps you find solutions that make it possible to retain that sense of physical intimacy that makes your marriage stronger.


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