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5 Deadly Pitfalls You Must Avoid while Choosing Wedding Venue in Houston

The wedding is undoubtedly the biggest day of your life. It is the day when you are going to step into a new life with your beloved. Probably you have been planning for the day when you confessed your deepest feelings for each other. You must have been thinking and plan about many things for this day. When that day is knocking at the door, it is natural that you are feeling excited, as well as nervous.

The more your wedding is approaching near it is making you feel more jittery. These jitters are not about your anticipation of a new life, but about the day so that everything goes perfectly. But, do you know that this nervousness can cause some big mistakes and pitfalls in arrangements? Well, if you have started freaking out already after hearing the name of pitfalls, then don’t be scared. You are not alone in such a predicament.

So, now if you are wondering, what are the mistakes that I am talking about and how you will be able to avoid them, then let me tell you one thing. People generally make mistakes about the most basic things in a wedding. Yes, they make such blunders during choosing the wedding venues. As a result, it causes even a longer chain of more mistakes. Take a look at the following points to know more about the pitfalls and decide how you can avoid them.

Not Considering the Guest List before Booking

When you are booking the wedding venue, it is not just about the look and feel of it. Rather, it should be according to the number of guests you are going to invite. It would not be of any use if you choose a great location and a stunning hall, which is too small to accommodate all your guests. So, when you even start researching on the wedding reception venues in Houston TX, consider your guest list. It will be rather helpful in researching the venue in your city, if you know the number of guests you have invited.

Not Booking Beforehand

It is natural that during wedding season, the demand of these halls will be high. So, you can face two problems if you wait too long before booking the venue. Either they will not meet your requirements or, they will be quite expensive and you will be forced to cut short your budget on other things. Or both can happen together. So, when the date and the guest's list are fixed, don’t waste any more time. Start looking for inexpensive wedding venues in Houston TX immediately and keep all the arrangements within budget.

Not Choosing the Same Venue for Both Occasions

There is clearly no point of booking two separate venues for ceremony and reception. It is neither a budget friendly way of planning, nor it is helpful for the arrangements. After the ceremony, shifting the whole party to another venue will be a hassle and inconvenient. Moreover, it will drain your money. So, it will be better if you are choosing one venue instead of two, as it will help you for both the above-mentioned reasons.

Not Considering Parking and Location

An ideal wedding venue is not the one which is just good to look at or deck up. It should be accessible from every corner of the city. If your guests are forced to travel the whole city to reach the venue, it will surely not please them. Hence, make sure it is located in a location where it is easily accessible.

Parking is also another factor that one must consider, but often goes ignored. If guests have to leave their cars on the street unprotected then they will not be happy to stay during the ceremony happily. Obviously, the worry of vehicle theft will be looming large in your reception party for everyone. While choosing the venue, make sure that it has enough space for parking.

Not Thinking of a “Plan B”

A “plan B” is necessary as you never know; accidents and unfortunate cancellation can happen at any time. You surely would not want to call off the wedding or make any compromises with the arrangements just because a hall owner chooses to cancel the booking for their own reasons. Therefore, think about a “plan B” so that you remain on the safer side.

Now you know what pitfalls you need to avoid; so, don’t fret anymore. Start arranging as this is going to be the day that you will cherish forever.

Author Bio: Tim Barkley is a famous wedding planner and blogger. He is associated with inexpensive wedding venues in Houston TX. Read his blog to know more about booking wedding reception venues in Houston TX.

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