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5 Dumb Mistakes One Can Make with Their Wedding Photos

Photos are one of the most exciting elements of a wedding. It is these photos that you will latch onto for your entire life when you have a receding hairline or a wrinkly face and the memories start fading. So, always make sure that the photos of your wedding capture all the special moments and give you something to smile about even years later when you go through it. And this is not only true for you, the bride and groom, but also for your friends and family. After all, wedding is an affair you can come together with your friends and family; like a reunion or get-together.

However, what if your wedding photography goes wrong? It will be such a mishap, isn’t it? And you certainly cannot let that happen; it is once in a lifetime moment. That is why here we have put together a list of blunders that can happen with your wedding photographs. Take note of these and try to avoid them at all costs.

Be Blinded by Trends

Be it fashion or photography, following the trends blindly is a stupid mistake. So, the social-media obsessed generation that you are, don’t fall for the wow images on Pinterest or Instagram. Trends may be great but they have a short lifespan. Wedding photos should be something that last a lifetime and must be treasured by the upcoming generation as well. Moreover, not every trend is for everyone. So, if you want to do a few trendy shots, do so but alongside, keep a few classic ones as well.

Not Booking a Professional Photographer

The kind of photo you will have at your wedding depends completely on the photographer you hire. So, don’t make the mistake of entrusting this responsibility to your random cousin or a neighbor with a camera because wedding photography requires professional skills. You should look out for photographers who have the ability to carry out different photography styles, must be adept at editing, and most importantly, connect with you, understand your taste, and provide you with a dedicated service.

Looking at the Camera for Candid Shots

You must understand that candid photos are natural photos which don’t require you to pose or look at the camera. So, don’t look at the camera whenever you see it around you.  Try to be normal. Do what you are doing. Chat with people, look around, and put a smile on your face always. That will do the magic and you will get some wow-worthy shots for your wedding album.

Thinking You Can Hire a Photographer Whenever

Now if you are akin to book a professional photographer, you must know that professional teams are very busy especially at the peak of the wedding season. So, you must book them in advance. And let me tell you, nothing is more irritating than regretting the fact that if you had booked a little earlier, you could have got a photographer of your choice.

Chasing Perfection

Last but not the least; you must not try to achieve perfection in every shot. Sometimes, it is the imperfect shots that make the most precious memories that tickle you even after many years of your marriage. Just remember to have fun. Otherwise, you will just be frowning and scowling at people and all your photos will just capture your annoyed expression. So, live the moment and don’t chase perfection.

So, now that you know about the typical blunders you must avoid for your wedding, keep these in mind. And get started on finding the right Calgary wedding photographer.


Author Bio: Jay Wyatt, associated with a Calgary wedding photographer, here writes on 5 dumb mistakes one makes with their wedding photos.

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