5 Easy Additions to Your Wedding Luncheon

While a black-tie dinner is more traditional, casual wedding luncheons are growing in popularity. A midday reception is a great way to save money, but you can also host a wedding luncheon as an additional meal before the ceremony or even a few days before. Whether your wedding luncheon is the pregame show or the big event, these five easy additions can make it a meal to remember.

Fresh Centerpieces

Add flare to your luncheon tables with centerpieces of sweet-smelling fresh flowers. Daisies and lemon sprigs in a Mason jar complement country decor while bouquets of wildflowers in shabby chic vases add a vintage vibe. Are you having a barn wedding? Fill antique metal milk cans with colorful wildflowers.

Special Diet Options

Your luncheon guests will be hungry, so make sure no one has to go without. Plan options to accommodate common special diets, such as vegan, gluten-free or peanut-free, and make sure to label items clearly. If you’re serving guests with allergies, remember to keep allergen-friendly items separated to avoid cross-contamination.

Sandwich Bar

People tend to prefer lighter meals for lunch, so make things easy and fun with a sandwich bar. You want your big day to be special, so stay away from the white bread and bologna and serve an assortment of quality deli meats, cheeses, vegetables and condiments. Choose artisan bakery breads like Kaiser rolls, baguettes or ciabatta for the perfect finishing touch.

Candy Buffet

Everyone loves candy, and a candy buffet can satisfy any sweet tooth while adding a stunning visual element to your reception. Just order a variety of candies to match your wedding’s color scheme and display them in attractive jars, bowls and trays. The best part is you can easily put together a candy buffet all by yourself at a much lower cost than catered desserts.

Activities for Kids

If you have parents of little ones on your guest list, it will be harder for them to find a sitter for a lunch reception. Consider including activities like face painting, storytelling or games to keep the kids busy and out of trouble. Your flower girl and ring bearer will appreciate the entertainment too.

Don’t forget to inform your guests that lunch will be served at your wedding. Because wedding luncheons are not as common as dinner receptions, your guests may eat before they arrive. Feature your luncheon plans prominently on your invitations and consider offering an extra reminder by phone, text or social media.

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