5 Essential Ways to Treat Yourself Before Your Wedding Day

Before that exciting day on which you say "I do," there are a lot of details to put into place. From guest lists to caterers and a thousand other big and small things to get ready, the time leading up to your wedding day can be as stressful as it is joyful.

Therefore, during your tedious planning schedule, it's important to schedule some time to treat yourself to ensure you make it to your big day with a smile on your face. Here are some suggestions for special things you can do for yourself that can help make the planning a little easier.


A massage is good at any time, but especially when you're under stress as you plan your wedding. A massage is so effective at removing stress that you may actually want to schedule multiple massages between when you get engaged and when you get married. Do some research on different types of massages beforehand so that you can schedule something that will really help you relax.

Sweet Treats

Though you probably don't want to go overboard on the sweets so that you're sure to fit in your dress, enjoying a few sweet treats every now and then is a great way to pick yourself up when wedding planning becomes overwhelming. To help make it even more special, you can consider asking close friends and family members to bake your favorite treats so that you can have an excuse to enjoy the treats with those closest to you.


Professional manicures aren't simply about improving the appearance of your nails. Instead, they are about providing a pampering experience that just so happens to include a new nail color. Therefore, don't just see your manicure a few days before your wedding as just another box to check. Instead, allow yourself to be pampered so that you can take a quick breath before you head into the final push of wedding planning.

Go Shopping

After you return from your honeymoon, real life will begin in earnest, meaning you probably won't have as much free time for a while. Therefore, to take advantage of the time before your wedding day, spending some time at your favorite shops can be a great way to treat yourself. Be sure to grab a few close friends to go with you so that you can make a fun day out of it.


For some people, organizing is far more stressful than any amount of wedding planning. However, if you're the type of person who finds organizing strangely relaxing, then you can spend some time before your wedding getting rid of things you no longer need. This will help you free-up space for all those wedding gifts you're about to receive and give you an excuse to splurge on a few nice, new items that reflect your current tastes.

No matter how many days remain until your wedding, it likely seems as if that day will never come, especially when you're in the midst of working out all the details. If you try and simply take things one day at a time, though, you'll find that your big day will arrive more quickly than you expect. If you employ some of these ways to spoil yourself in the process, you'll transform this stressful time into a time that you'll look back on with fond memories.

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