5 Forgotten Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be a fun, happy day, but without the proper gear, an outdoor event can quickly become uncomfortable for you and your guests. If you want to ensure your day runs smoothly, here are five must-haves if you are hosting the wedding outdoors.


Outdoor Restrooms

It's obvious your guests will need a place to use the restroom while they are at the wedding, but you'd be surprised how many couples forget this detail when they are setting up the outdoor venue. If your wedding venue isn’t accompanied by a building or home with a bathroom, you may want to rent luxury restroom trailers. No one wants to use a portable toilet while they are dressed in their finest clothes. Treat yourself and your guests to a comfortable, clean restroom for your outdoor wedding.


Extra Umbrellas

Although the bride may be hoping for a sunny day, it is thought that a light shower is a sign of good luck for the newlyweds. No matter what the forecast calls for, it's always a good idea to be prepared. Most people will bring an umbrella just in case, but you may want to pick up a few inexpensive ones for guests to use if they forget their own.


Cooling Fans for the Bridal Party

A summertime event outdoors will be warm for everyone, but the bride, groom, and bridal party can become easily overheated in their wedding attire. You can order personalized, handheld cooling fans with water spritzers to help everyone in the wedding party stay cool and comfortable until it's time to change clothes.


Comfortable Shoes

High heels and shiny dress shoes don't transition from the church floor to the soft grass easily. The bride and groom should bring comfortable shoes to wear during the reception, especially if they are renting their shoes. This will prevent sore feet and protect your good shoes from grass and mud stains. Wedding guests should also be advised to bring sneakers or sandals for the outdoor portion of the wedding.

A Sense of Humor

This is a must-have for your wedding day that many brides forget to bring. Try not to worry about every small detail. Instead, enjoy your special day, focus on the positive, and laugh off anything that goes awry.

At the end of the day, no wedding will be completely perfect and problem-free, but using these tools can make things easier for everyone who attends. The important thing is that you have fun, enjoy your guests' company, and love the person you are getting married to.


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