When the bride and the groom realize the wedding planning does not finish with the actual wedding, but they realize they have a honeymoon to plan as well, things can go south. But not if you opt for a trip where you know what you want from it; leaving the organization to the professionals help as well. Here are some hot trends when it comes for honeymoon travel; decide on one with your spouse-to-be and pack your bags!

Foodie Honeymoon

If, apart from love for one another, you and your lovebird share the love for food, why not arrange a honeymoon around that theme? Think about having lavish breakfasts in bed with no timeframe and rushing, or dining under the stars. Italy can be a perfect destination for your foodie honeymoon. Other obvious choices are France and Spain. If street food is more your cup of tea than lavish 12-course meals, opt for an Asian country such as China or Japan or Vietnam. Whatever you choose, not only will you be able to eat your weight in local delicacies, but the setting will be beautiful as well, be it rural Tuscany or the lights of Paris or a bustling market somewhere in Asia. Bon voyage, and bon appetite!

Two Honeymoons Instead of One

Say what? Yes, you heard correctly: take two honeymoons, because the more the merrier, right? The reason why two honeymoons are getting more and more popular is simple: not many people can afford days off right after the wedding. So right after you’ve been pronounced a married couple, take a mini getaway somewhere near to unwind a bit and rest your feet and heads: there’s been way too much planning recently, and probably way too much dancing at the actual wedding. The second one is usually taken several months after and it’s a real, proper, long honeymoon somewhere exotic. By then you’ll probably even forget you’re newly wedded, so opt for a tropical paradise such as Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand to remind you of the honeymoon bliss!

Close to Animals Honeymoon

Couples who are raising their pets together and cannot usually walk through a neighborhood without stopping to pet stray cats and dogs might have fun on a honeymoon close to animals. What we have in mind is specifically trips that offer interaction with real animals in an ethical way. For example, you can go to a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, or opt for Thailand that has elephant farms all over the country. Imagine feeding little elephants or taking bath for them! Another dream destination for animal lovers is Bali, a sanctuary of monkeys. For a week of amazing sunsets and little monkeys of all ages running around, rent one of the luxurious villas in Bali and enjoy your honeymoon.

Adventure Honeymoon

Couples who adventure together, stay together! If the idea of lying on the beach for ten consecutive days does not appeal to you and your partner, how about an adventure honeymoon? It can be something as simple as a ski resort in France or Switzerland, or something more adventurous, like skydiving in New Zealand, trekking up a difficult trail in Peru, or scuba diving in Bora Bora or Australia. A daring honeymoon can be a wonderful start into the marriage of two people looking for action every day!

Road Trip Honeymoon

If you like exploring with your spouse-to-be, but don’t feel as adventurous as it takes to jump from an airplane, maybe the perfect honeymoon for you is the one where you’ll cover miles in a car or a van. A road trip like this will introduce you to a new area and stunning landscapes, but also let you have an itinerary as loose as you’d like. Staying in motels or camping in the desert? Driving for ten hours or stopping every now and then? It’s totally up to you. Just make sure you bring tons of snacks! Destinations that will leave you breathless are the California coast, Scottish Highlands, Amalfi Coast in Italy or New Zealand’s South Island.

Whatever you plan, bear in mind it should be unforgettable – after all, it’s marking the beginning of your married life. Have fun!

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