Are you scratching your head, trying to figure out what to place inside of your guest's destination wedding welcome bag?

While doing welcome bags are not a must, it's definitely a nice sentiment for your OOT guests.

Trust me, they will appreciate the thought. 

Here are five must-have contents for your destination wedding welcome bags:

1. Bottled water is a destination wedding welcome bag staple.

Photo: Personalized Water Bottle Labels via Sweetly Wrapped Occasions

To me it goes without saying, however not everyone may agree with this. Bottled water is an absolute necessity! Here's why bottled water should be a destination wedding welcome bag's staple:

  • Hotel bottled water is expensive
  • Not all hotels offer complimentary bottled water
  • Water is the healthiest beverage for us

Oh, and did I mention how costly the hotel's bottled water is? (smiles)  And even if a guest doesn't like plain ole water, if they're thirsty enough, they'll drink it. Trust me on this!

Tip:  Add a few different flavored water powder mixes to your bags to offer your guest options for their water.

2. Sunscreen is our skin's best friend.

SunscreenPhoto: Floral Garden and Metallic Foil sunscreen via Sweetly Wrapped Occasions

Regardless of the weather, summer or winter, sunscreen is a must.

Who doesn't want their skin, which is exposed to enough harsh elements as it is, to not be protected from sunup to sundown?

The cool thing about these mini sunscreens is that the bottles are refillable!

3. Personalized Tissue Packs

Personalized Tissue PacksPhoto: Tissue Packs via Sweetly Wrapped Occasions

Have you ever unexpectedly needed a tissue and went rummaging through your handbag with no luck?

Do you think that this is an extremely small detail that a destination wedding welcome bag can do without?

Here are three reasons why including personalized tissue packs in your welcome bags will be a hit with your guests:

  • Aunt Bethany who cries at EVERYTHING  =)  will for sure need a tissue while you and your sweetie exchange wedding vows.
  • Your little nephew Tommy, trips and falls AGAIN, resulting in a small scrape on his knee.
  • After working up a sweat on the dance floor, your cousin Lisa, who's just a wee bit tipsy has to touch up her makeup.

Do you need anymore convincing? (smiles)

4. Personalized Paper Fans

Metallic Foil Label Paper Fans

Photo: Metallic Foil Label Paper Fans via Sweetly Wrapped Occasions

Especially for the warmer months if you're having an outdoor wedding, hand fans will come in handy.

5. Microwave Popcorn Bags

Personalized Popcorn Photo: Personalized Popcorn via Sweetly Wrapped Occasions

Mmm. Yummy! Buttery popcorn makes a perfect snack after a long flight. Plus it's a quick fix.

Just looking at this makes me want to jump up and go pop some kernels. Lol.

Do you think you'll be using one of these five destination wedding welcome bag contents? What other welcome bag goodies will you have? 

Leave your comment below!


Author Bio: A former country girl who loves Las Vegas, Kimberly Thomas is a certified blogger and Wedding Favors Fashionista. She believes that a thoughtful favor is one of the best ways to show gratitude and common courtesy. Learn more about her on Facebook.

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