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For many first time brides the decision to buy a veil may be a bit off-putting. There are so many variations (length, trim, embellishments, gathers, blusher or not, etc.), it can be hard to find just the right combination of features.

There is another alternative: make the veil. Why make your own wedding veil? There are a variety of reasons:

  • You know what you want, but are having trouble finding it.
  • You are on a low budget (as almost everyone is these days) and are looking to cut expenses any way you can.
  • The third reason is courtesy of Making your veil together with another family member or your future MIL can be a bonding experience. "It would be an amazing gift to hand down to generations."

If you are thinking you do not have the talent to make a bridal veil, let me share something about myself: On the 10-point "craftiness" scale I'm a 2-3 and I just finished a series demonstration videos on the subject (The overview is below).

If I can do it, you can too. Here are the steps and corresponding videos that show how:

What are the steps?

There are five general steps to creating your veil. Click each link below to go to the corresponding video on YouTube or visit the veil making section at to read details of each step and find discount veil making resources:


Don't know what you want?

Take a look at the following video, which explains some of your choices and options when choosing deciding what type of veil you want.

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