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5 Things That Every Groom Should Remember For Their Wedding Day

When it comes to a wedding day, there is a lot of focus upon the bride and bridal party. There are many things that guests look forward to in the run-up to a wedding, and the majority of them include the bride. There isn’t that much that will actually involve the groom. The groom’s role is, of course, extremely important on a wedding day but they don’t tend to get as much attention as the bride. That doesn’t mean that the groom can take it easy. Here are 5 things that every groom should remember for their wedding day.

Arrive On Time

Whilst it is a tradition for a bride to be a little late to her wedding, the groom is expected to be at the venue on time and even the first person there along with his groomsmen and best man. They should be there to greet guests and ensure that everything is ready for when the bride arrives. As the groom, make sure that you set your alarm and turn off the snooze function. If you are staying in a hotel, arrange for a wake-up call as a backup. Avoid any late-night drinks with your best man - you don’t want to start your marriage having to explain why you were late or hungover.

Pack An Overnight Bag

Whether you’re staying in a hotel the night before or the night of your wedding, pack your overnight bag a few days before your stay. Make sure you have your essentials, including a phone charger and any little things you want to have handy for your wedding day, and some comfortable clothing to get changed into.

Hotel rooms can get a little chilly and you want to sleep the night of your wedding, so pack some warm sweatpants or a muscle fit hoodie to wind down and relax the night before. If you’re staying in a hotel on the night of your wedding, have a smart change of clothes for when you leave the next day. You want to look good in case you stop off somewhere for lunch with your new bride or want to take some photos of just the two of you.

Practice Your Speech

People look forward to hearing the father of the bride and best man speech. Some grooms may breathe a sigh of relief that the spotlight is away from them for a moment, but this isn’t the case. The groom’s speech is extremely important. It’s your chance to thank everyone who helped to make your day possible and a chance for you to share some stories about you and the bride. Be well prepared, do some research, make it one that your guests will remember and practice, practice, practice.

Don’t Forget The Rings

Whilst it is important to make sure you are on time and have practised the speech, the last thing you want to do is be rushing on the morning of your wedding. This is how you forget things and how wedding rings can often be left behind. Make sure that your wedding rings are set out in a certain place in the morning or give them to your best man to look after until you get to the altar.

Gifts For The Wedding Party

Another important thing to remember as the groom are some gifts for your groom’s party. Your wedding party will have helped out with a lot of things to ensure you have a smooth running day. This is your chance to show them that you are thankful for their help and are able to acknowledge what they did to help towards your big day. You don’t need to buy anything big or flash. A simple, small gesture such as a hip flask or a watch will show how much you appreciated the help.

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