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5 Tips To Hire A Cheap Wedding Photographer

To get some amazing wedding photographs, you cannot deny the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer can be a problematic and confusing method if you do not have enough budget for high-quality photography.

When planning for your wedding photography with a small budget, you may not have a clue of anything such as what you need to look for or if you can afford what you liked.

Therefore, you may have been forced to check some basic wedding photography packages offered on your preferred wedding photography vendors website.

However, if you can afford to go the extra mile to read along with my tips for hiring a cheap wedding photographer, you will not be disappointed. After reading this article, you will know how to find an affordable and talented photographer inside your budget.

  1. Your networks

The number one tips of finding a cheap wedding photographer are to look at your networks to see if you know any professional wedding photographer. If you can find any of your friend or coworker who is a freelance wedding photographer, it is recommended to check their portfolio. After checking them out, if you like what they can offer, you can hire them.

It is a good idea to promote them over social networks and let others know that they can count on them for their wedding and party photography to get a “win-win” discount.

However, if you can not find any professional photographer, it is still a good idea to dig into your network for recommendation to find an affordable wedding photographer. Also, you can consider the idea of posting for affordable photography recommendations on social networks. It may also increase your chances of getting a quality wedding photographer on your budget.

  1. Avoid Peak Time Wedding

Another amazing trick to save money by hiring a cheap wedding photographer is to hold your wedding on an off-peak time of the week.

Usually, most couples get married on Saturdays. If your wedding is on a Saturday, the rate of your wedding photography will be too high.

However, this rate will be reduced by a lot if your wedding is on other days of the week. That is why holding your wedding ceremony on a less lively period will save a lot of your valuable money.

  1. Choose A Budget Photographer

The term of choosing a budget photographer refers to choosing a photographer that you can accommodate inside your budget. Two things are essential to consider for choosing a budget photographer:

Negotiation: Try to find a photographer who is affordable for you. Professional photographers usually cost around $3500 and it not a good idea to hang in for a re-negotiation. They usually think like an artist and you might insult them in the process of negotiation.

Non-traveling Photographer: If you are on a short budget, you should never hire a traveling photographer. You might have a preferred photographer that you want to take to your destination wedding, but this will exceed your budget significantly both for bearing their traveling cost and for their time charge. So it is best if you can hire a photographer from the locality of your wedding venue.

  1. Talented Amature Photographers

Every highly experienced and expansive photographer were an amateur at some point in their life. That is why hiring an amateur photographer does not necessarily mean that you will be hiring some random poor photographer for your wedding photography. It is a good idea to look at some amateur or newbie photographers portfolio and a full wedding album. If you feel that they are talented and fits for your wedding photography rules, you have got your man.

Amature photographers will cost much less than what you will be forced to spend on hiring one of those experienced and professional photographers.

  1. Book For A Shorter Period

If you are looking to save money and still want to get pictures of important moments of your wedding, a beneficial idea can be hiring a wedding photographer for only a specific period.

Typically, most wedding packages include a time period for their photographer to be present at the event. So you can consider the most important period of your wedding and book your wedding photographer for only that period. This will reduce the cost of your wedding photography significantly and you will also get the photographs that you need by prioritizing to capture those moments only.

So don’t look back, you have all the tricks to get a cheap photographer who will turn your wedding photography album into a dream one. I wish you all the best for finding a talented yet cheap photographer.

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