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5 Tricks to Help You Get Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you want to be look and feel your best for your big day. Nothing would be worse than yawning through your ceremony, pictures, and celebration. If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, or your sleep is restless, you might want to consider evaluating your sleeping habits, especially in the weeks leading up your wedding. You need to be resting well for several weeks in order to look your best. Here are five tricks to bring into your nighttime routine to help you get a better night’s rest.

Develop a Routine

Create a routine for bedtime and stick to it. You might not be able to go to bed at the same time every night, but you can perform the same routine every night to prepare your body. Take a shower or bath, put on some clean pajamas, and wind down with a good book. Dim your lights about an hour before you go to bed, if you can, to send signals to your body to produce melatonin, a chemical the body naturally makes that makes you tired. It may be tempting to deviate from your schedule, especially if you are tired, but this will help your body and brain start to unwind, so when you do get in bed, you can go right to sleep.

Turn Off the Lights

Small amounts of light can disrupt your sleep. Make sure you turn off ceiling lights, lamps, televisions, and even lights in the hallway. A dark environment without any sources of light keeps your body relaxed and reduces the chances that you’ll wake up. Wear a sleep mask if you can’t get your bedroom dark enough to send you to dreamland. You should also dim the light on your phone so it won’t wake you up if someone sends you a text or email.

Cut the Stimulants

Caffeine is something to avoid if you’re having a tough time falling asleep. Keep an eye on the beverages you consume. Even decaffeinated coffee has trace amounts of caffeine in it, so even that isn’t safe. Look at the labels for everything you drink, including certain types of tea or flavored waters. You might be surprised to find caffeine is in more beverages than you expected. You should also avoid drinking a lot of alcohol. Even if you get sleepy when you get drunk, you won’t sleep very restfully.

Get a New Mattress

The right mattress is the most crucial factors in determining the quality of sleep you get every night. You need a mattress that supports you properly without applying pressure to sensitive parts of the body such as your shoulders, ribs, or hips. It should also keep your body weight evenly dispersed across the bed and frame. Find a comfortable balance between the mattress being too soft or too firm for your body needs. You don’t want one that is too soft to support your body or one that is too firm and is uncomfortable to sleep on. Look at different thicknesses, styles, and materials. Since you are getting married soon, you will probably get a new mattress for you and your spouse, so make sure you get one that supports you properly.

Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is an effective way to calm the body and help you get into a state where your mind is ready to drift away. Certain oils can relax the body, have a sedative effect, reduce stress, or even lower your blood pressure. Add a few drops of lavender to your pillow or put it on your wrists before bed. Cedarwood has a very comforting scent with a sedative effect that also reduces blood pressure and aids in managing anxiety. Try chamomile in some decaffeinated tea before bed to have a calm, relaxing evening. You can also add oils to your bath or put them in a diffuser for alternative applications.

With all of your wedding prep, don’t let your sleep get pushed off to the side. You will be a more effective planner and you will enjoy everything even more if you are awake and well-rested.

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