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5 Vital Tips for a Stunning Wedding Ceremony in Nature

Before you start planning out your picture perfect wedding in the great outdoors, make sure you’re ready for the eventualities that might hit. The natural world makes for a lovely setting, but even the finest weather can go south a little too fast. Plan ahead by taking these tips on outdoor wedding ceremonies to heart.

Keep Nature Natural

Decorating got you down? Finding the perfect match for nature is tricky, because nature’s already got one—itself! Play into the outdoor theme by hanging flower garlands in your main tree (or trees, if you’d prefer), and bring a little more color to whatever season your wedding is in.

Make Your Own Backdrop

If you’re having trouble figuring out exactly where and how to stage your vows, consider setting up the perfect point on your own. By bringing a background arch, you’ll provide yourself with both a tabula rasa to decorate and a framing point for the wedding itself. Take the opportunity to revisit your wedding themes via arch decorations.

Prepare for Party Poopers

Unfortunately, we don’t mean in the Debbie Downer sense. People are going to need to use the bathroom at your wedding. If you are getting married out in nature chances are there won’t be a bathroom available. While this may work for a hike, it would be good to have some services for the families and guests that will accompany you in your special ceremony. Rent a porta potty for events to prevent this exact issue.

When to Weather the Weather

Spring and fall are lovely times for outdoor weddings, but they’re also lovely times for unexpected weather changes. The best way to withstand the weather is by planning for it. If you’re hoping to spend a significant amount of time outside, consider renting a tent to cover a good amount of area and provide your guests (and your dress!) with some cover.

Dress (and Re-Dress) to Impress

Speaking of dresses, you’re going to need to take the environment around you into consideration. Having a separate ceremony dress and reception dress keeps you from stressing about dress mess, especially if your outdoor dress has gotten muddy or dirty in some other way. Some people prefer to wear short dresses for the outdoor potion of the wedding for this very reason, but if you want to go long, be ready for it.

You deserve the absolute best outdoor wedding imaginable. Sacrificing the setting and style you want to bad weather, decorating plans, or even long bathroom lines is unthinkable on your big day, so plan ahead and get ready for a spectacular outdoor ceremony.

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